wish I may, wish I might

wanna be a tropical fish
in a large luxurious tank
with no worries about payin’ bills
when funds are dwindlin’ in the bank

makes sense to me – I love the water
in this wet world I would play
chasin’ guppies & neons
in jerky circles all day

my owner would be kind
my tank she’d decorate
she’d leave the tank’s light on
til it was very late

every other day I’d dine
on different kinds of food:
Aquarian flakes or micro granules
frozen bloodworms to be pursued

yeah, sounds good to me:
a beautiful fish in a tropical tank
until the alarm clock rings
‘n from this lovely dream I’m yanked

copyright © 2020 KPM

numbers game

nothing’s coming out
save Players smoke
words that gridlocked early
need that traffic bloke

what to have for breakfast:
oatmeal or cheese on toast?
the light within the fridge
is a laughing white ghost

you can see it in the air
morning chill that nibbles toes
bright sunrise without warmth
inside me coffee glows

the walk to work is peaceful
beneath the arch of autumn sky
will I say hello to my friend,
or will I strangle on goodbye?

copyright © 2020 KPM

new shoes

clouds as thin as prison bars
dryin’ curry sauce scars
yawnin’ as she makes her way
the first steps to a brand new day

“I shoulda bought the red”
keeps playin’ in her head
walkin’ down a street
where there are no smiles to greet

the carpet guy opens his shop
a load of pigeon shit goes plop
nearin’ the bakery – smell of fresh bread
“wish I had bought the red”

sky’s a strange shade of blue
people stare in the Costa queue
in City Centre the folks are spread
“I can always go back ‘n get the red”

“will I go back ‘n get the red,
or go straight home ‘n go to bed?
nah…I got no closet space
heels’re too high – I’ll fall on my face!”

copyright © 2020 KPM

cause in effect

darkness is brewin’
growing ever more entrenched
flames are risin’
which no hoses can quench

the rumblin’ is louder
screams in collective ears
shots keep ringin’ out
accompanied by tears

trust continues to erode
chain the door – lock that bolt
people hurtin’, people in pain
on the edge of revolt

black v white, left v right
so many lines now blurred
how can we take care of each other,
when our voices are not heard?

smoky discontent
scars each morning’s dawn
all bets are off
now that the rule book’s gone

copyright © 2020 KPM

a minor disruption

it’s not too bad,
this getting older thing
kinda like an endless autumn
the body’s farewell to spring

falling asleep sitting up
jolting awake with a snore
entering a room to wonder
what you went in there for

it’s all right,
the hip joints that pop
arthritis, dimming eyesight
neither’s a reason to stop

cavorting in the garden
dancing with the butterflies
delighting in the wonder
the gift of each sunrise

it’s okay,
this growing old
no matter that my hands
always feel a little cold

copyright © 2020 KPM

the good of the many

valiant is the effort
she makes each ‘n every day
to keep that smile
that sparkle
to push the darkness away

heroic is the motion
just getting out of bed
“yeah I’m good”
“course I’m okay”
ignoring all that causes dread

now that smiles are hidden
voices muffled
faces masked
to her, it’s important
that she do as she is asked

copyright © 2020 KPM

on deaf ears

no longer
wanna be informed
so don’t tell me any more
I’d like to maintain the fantasy
that life’s the way it was before

don’t care to be
when the air’s this thick with hate
go along to get along
maybe the schisms will abate

breaks my heart
to watch
d’you think you can show less?
the tears that mingle with my own
leave my mind in a helluva mess

copyright © 2020 KPM

house arrest

is that a star
or a satellite
shining in the sky so bright?
gonna pretend
it is a star
shinin’ down
from the heavens so far
cause stars
like love, like angels
help me to cope
a light in the darkness
that always offers hope

copyright © 2020 KPM

almost like normal

rising to an alarm
just like in the old days
waiting for the kettle to boil
morning sky’s a cloudy haze

gazing out at the garden
framed by lace & voile
drops of dew that dance on grass
before sinking into the soil

rubbing tiny crusts of sleep
from near-sighted eyes
loving that first cup of coffee
noisily the bacon fries

so comforting, it is
the return of this routine
it’s almost like the old days
peaceful weekday morning scene

copyright © 2020 KPM

the finger

folks like me
we get disparaged
folks like me
we get mocked
folks like me
are viewed as suspect
on Facebook we get blocked

folks like me
we get ignored
to the other side we get shunted
folks like me
are viewed as “traitors”
by our governments
we’re hunted

but folks like me
can’t be persuaded
we’re not that easily dissuaded
folks like me know the difference
between right ‘n wrong
folks like me say fuck you
in the end, you’ll join our song

copyright © 2020 KPM