divine intervention

Calliope bestows a lifeline
not one but 26
powers that hide her from Charon
on the banks of the River Styx

the muses stone the black dog
chase the demons from her head
she does not lack for love
as Eros now dwells in her bed

the spirits Lêthê & Hypnos
guard eyes that would weep
they bring water from a river
to ensure her restful sleep

the ruler of the universe
remains watchful on his throne
thus all Olympus rises
to protect one of its own

copyright © 2014 KPM

divine intervention pic

a life of squalor

tis a sordid life they live
in this aging Scottish scheme
where most of the inhabitants
have lost sight of the dream

all the paths are garbage-strewn
graffiti covers the outside walls
cursing children run in packs
angrily kicking old footballs

an idle teen sits in a garden
of dandelions and dying grass
tracing patterns on his arm
with a bit of broken glass

in the filthy flats behind him
9 out of 10 are on the dole
and he wonders if he’ll ever escape
this housing scheme’s black hole

where all the closey’s smell of urine
and nightly drunken slatterns holler
joyless junkies and ex-convicts
living side by side in squalor

the shard of glass is bloody now
he’s exorcised his foolish dream
so up the crumbling stairs he climbs
imprisoned by life in this squalid scheme

copyright © 2011-2014 KPM

alifeofsqualor pic

which one’s Pink?

these dudes don’t do valentines or christmas holly
but greed & gloom & melancholy
sweet drownin’ in their ocean wide
doin’ battle with the darker side

these lads don’ walk in sunny fields fulla pretty flowers
preferrin’ instead discordant showers
caterin’ to every unspoken whim
carin’ not if your visage be evil or grim

‘n they’ll assault you
with a thunderous chord
when they’re around
you can’t be bored
their every word designed
to make one think
but kin someone tell me:
which one’s Pink?

these guys could give a shit ‘bout power or shiny cars
isolated aliens takin’ refuge in their scars
super novas in eternal flight
draggin’ me with them thru their dark, astral night

‘n they assault me
with a thunderous chord
when they’re around
I’m nevah lonely or bored
their every word’s designed
to make me think
but kin someone PUH-LEEZE tell me:
which one’s Pink?

copyright © 2010-2014 KPM

which one's Pink pic

the amorous couple in the Tesco aisle

listen my children
here’s a tale to make you smile
‘bout some kids I saw
in the Metro Tesco aisle

young couple in their early 20s
out for a bit of fun
& totally oblivious
to everyone

punk rockers they were –
or maybe they were Goth
both had spiky hair & piercings
fully covered in black cloth

the girl’s hair was magenta
the boy’s a brilliant sky blue
& they gazed upon each other
with eyes that shone like dew

they stood like perfect statues
in the middle of the floor
hands clasped & lips locked
while shoppers ambled round the store

some shoppers looked upon them
with mingled scorn and disgust
but they didn’t bother me:
I rather admired their lust

it’s a natural emotion
neither dirty nor stealthy
they were happy showing their love,
so to me, that made them healthy

I paid for my purchases
pretending not to watch them kiss
hoping my face did not reveal
my envy at their bliss

as I walked up the hill alone
on my face was a wistful smile
rememberin’ my days as part of a couple
like the one in the Tesco aisle

copyright © 2009-2014 KPM

amorous couple pic

a garden in Dundee

from her kitchen windowsill
she idly watches a daffodil
marvelling at its sense of time
as it pushes through cold earth & leftover winter grime

sitting on her garden wall
she contemplates crocuses strugglin’ to stand tall
they too know just when to arrive
in spring sunshine they dance and thrive

standing on her precious patch of grass
she’s filled with a joy more fragile than glass
like the ivy entwined around the apple tree
she yields to the embrace of life’s mystery

copyright © 2011-2014 KPM

agardeninDundee pic

application unsuccessful on this occasion

she seeks an end
to shattered dreams that endlessly bleed
assistance from any entity
who can help fulfill her need

she desires understanding
of the talent in her soul
a hand to lift her up
a noble work to make her whole

thus fearfully she waits
for blessings from the soothsayer
hoping for a positive answer
to her final desperate prayer

copyright © 2011-2014 KPM

application denied pic

a place not here

in the chilly mists of morning
every day
reluctantly they go away
hair hangs in eyes
heads hang at half mast
steps are slow
expressions downcast

weather is no deterrent
sun or snow
quietly determined off they go
to do silent battle
with grim reality
while the clock ticks down
until the moment they’re set free

copyright © 2014 KPM

aplacenothere pic

shaker lake

one late summer evening
after washin’ the GTO
he casually suggests
they get in the car & go

“where we goin’?” she asks
he gives her hand a playful shake
squeezes her ass & says,
“let’s go down to Shaker Lake”

“I can get some beer & weed,
cuz I got a little money,
& we need the time alone,
please don’t say no, honey”

so down Fairmount they head
beneath the dusky sky
& she can barely breathe
aware of his hand on her thigh

down Fairmount he drives
past kids playin’ in their front yard
& she blushes as she thinks
of her nipples & how they’re hard

he makes a hasty stop
to get the beer & the weed
while she waits in the car
vulva throbbin’ with its need

he turns right offa Fairmount
the June night’s now fully dark
downshifts expertly
& beneath the trees they park

he kisses her
before they get out the car
her hand moves between his legs
his dick’s an iron bar

they stumble from the car
tightly clutching hands
her eyes alight with lust
his calves tightly wound rubber bands

in a safe secluded spot
he watches as she disrobes
grabbin’ her before she’s finished
& she delights in the tongue that probes

possessively he kisses her
hands movin’ restlessly thru her hair
they maul her breasts & belly
beneath the full moon’s glare

joyously she gives him everything
her heart & soul welcome the ache
she’s young, alive & loved
on the banks of Shaker Lake

copyright © 2010-2014 KPM

shaker lake pic

an angel says goodbye (in memoriam for RB)

this morning in the sky
I saw a beautiful rainbow
I followed it with my eyes
as far as its arches did go

its colors were so vibrant
liquid love in every hue
it filled me with a sense of peace
that reminded me of you

and then I got the email
it said that you were gone
yet another grievous heartache
but somehow I’ll carry on

I raise my glass of wine to you
and I smile instead of cry
cause I know this morning’s rainbow
was you telling me goodbye

copyright © 2014 KPM

angel says goodbye pic

the Strathmore Hotel

on the edge of the town centre
in a tiny Scottish town
lies a derelict hotel
of battered stone all mossy brown

a once grand place
central to the town’s life
now sad and neglected
with ghostly squatters it is rife

people hurry past the place
it seems to fill them with dread
when you ask about its history
everyone averts their head

no records of these walls exist
in town hall or ancient book
so armed with pen and camera
I entered alone to have a look

the faded foyer was resplendent
with a dusty chandelier
the fireplace mantle bore a statue
of a Venetian gondolier

toward a spiral staircase
my eager footsteps were spurred
seeking the owners of the voices
whose tearful whispers I’d just heard

80 steps I climbed
rotting handrail cautiously grasped
and at the top I saw a sight
so frightening that I gasped

a seemingly endless corridor
with 10 doors on each side
in the middle of the hall
stood what was surely Satan’s bride

her body was built for seduction
dark eyes and hair aflame
nude and rotting she strode toward me
without any fear or shame

“Greetings,” the apparition said
“We’ve had nae visitors for many a year
I’d be delighted if you stayed,
but others may not want you here.”

“What is this place?” I asked her
“What life did you forsake?
“I must be going crazy –
Is this a dream? Am I awake?”

“No dream is this,” she cackled
“You’re in the home of those who fell
“Too wicked are we for heaven,
too evil are we for hell.”

then the doors which lined the hallway
opened wide with rusty shrieks
spilling forth the damned and fallen
all blank eyes and decayed cheeks

“Ahhhhh!” they cried as they capered
“Fresh meat for the hotel grinder!
“So much for curiosity –
no one will ever find her!”

on my knees I cried and swore
that their secret I’d never tell
but they believed me not:
now I call home the Strathmore Hotel

copyright © 2010-2014 KPM

strathmore hotel pic