zygomaticus major & minor

she smiled from day one
her daddy said, “it’s just gas”
“naw, she’s smilin’!” momma beamed
but daddy said, “you’re such an ass”

she smiled when she learned to walk
an’ when she learned to tie her shoe
an’ momma smiled while daddy grimaced
as she grinned an’ grew an’ grew

she smiled her way through school
pleased with every hard-earned A
an’ all her teachers told her,
“that smile often makes my day”

at 19 she fell in love
which really made her smile
he discovered rope at 29
her teeth weren’t seen for quite awhile

decades later, she’s still smilin’
it’s her defense an’ best disguise
an’ no one’s ever noticed
that her smile don’t reach her eyes

copyright © 2014 KPM

zygomaticus pic

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