lemme say a few words
about Narcissus
legend has it he’d live long
if he took no missus
he had a massive mirror
that he kept on a shelf
‘n the townspeople reckoned
dude was in love with hisself

behind his house was a
big ol’ heart-shaped pool
where he’d stare at his
reflection like a dreamy fool
he was plagued by many suitors
of both sexes every day
but he hated their attentions
‘n sent everyone away

folks said he was conceited
everyone thought him vain
never occurred to anyone
that dude might be in pain
Narcissus didn’t love hisself
that really wasn’t the deal
he kept starin’ at hisself
to prove that he was real

Narcissus doubted everything:
people, time ‘n space
this constant sense of unreality
caused him to focus on his face
he heard voices in his head
“you’re not real,” they would insist
so he gazed upon hisself
as reassurance he did exist

‘twas a lonely life
‘n this is how he lived for years
seeking proof of his existence
to the echo of his neighbors’ jeers
unconvinced of his substance
at last the voices led him astray
‘n he drowned in his reflection
there to fade away

copyright © 2014 KPM

narcissus pic

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