autumn haiku

now, in the morning
she shivers at the bus stop
she should have worn gloves

* * * * * 

playful autumn winds
run riot through her styled hair
she is not amused

* * * * * 

her shoulders are slumped
as she walks slowly downhill
leaves crunch underfoot

* * * * * 

the sun grows tired
it seeks its celestial bed
ever earlier

copyright © 2014 KPM

autumn leaf


they battle for dominance
the sun, the wind, the rain
each convinced of their importance
to this vast & desolate plain

spiny gorse & heather
make their home on Rannoch Moor
that bleak yet bonnie expanse
where the MacDonalds did not endure

an age-old wilderness
a silent space profound
where the slain doth sleep
in cruel unhallowed ground

mute majestic mountains
timeless secrets they keep
a stark & savage beauty
that makes me want to weep

the music of the waterfalls
a mighty peak kissed by a cloud
I am embraced by the Glencoe mountains
into their mystery I am allowed

copyright © 2010-2014 KPM


de promised land

you laugh too loud
you smoke too much
& wit’ yo nasty walk & such
you kin fuhget about de promised land
you’ll nevuh reach de promised land

yo’ head is hard
yo’ temper’s quick
yo’ dirty jokes jes’ make me sick
you can fuhget about de promised land
you ain’t gone see de promised land

“what ah do makes me happy,
& this you’d begrudge?
when did Gawd die & make you mah judge?
all ah’ve done, all ah have
was done by mah hand,
right now ah’m in de promised land
ah am in de promised land.”

you talk too much
yo’ words are brash
& yo’ deeds ill-thought & rash
you can fuhget about de promised land
you’ll never make it to de promised land

you foreswore yo’ father
you neglect yo’ mother
you deny yo’ sistah & brotha
you can fuhget about de promised land
you ain’t wanted in de promised land

“how ah live
is mah own affair.
for yo’ words
ah have no care,
cause ah’m livin’ in de promised land
ah’m already in de promised land.”

you drink too much
& yo’ friends smoke weed
fo’ others’ thoughts you have no need
you can fuhget about de promised land
you ain’t fit fo’ de promised land

yo’ only concern is
yo’ wants, yo’ goals
& you pursue both at da cost of yo’ soul
you can fuhget about de promised land
you don’t belong in de promised land

“if narrow-minded folks
like you kin get in,
den ah’m better off
wit whut you call sin.
ah’ll make my own promised land,
ah’ll make my own promised land.”

copyright © 2007-2014 KPM

de promised land pic

ode to the morning poo

I can’t help it y’all,
it’s just something I do:
each morning between 7 & 8
I find myself in the loo,
enjoying a cuppa & fag,
as I have my morning poo

it’s not something I plan,
it’s always impromptu
shortly after I’m showered & dressed,
there I am in the loo,
prayin’ no one can hear the sound
of me having my morning poo

when I get that rumbling in my gut,
I know I’ll soon be wipin’ my butt
hard & fast it falls in the bowl,
I’m spendin’ a fortune on toilet roll!

but I can’t help it y’all,
what’s a girl supposed to do?
each morning between 7 & 8
I find myself in the loo,
enjoying a cuppa & fag,
as I have my morning poo

copyright © 2007-2014 KPM

ode to morning poo pic


up here my dear
dive in my eyes
the way is clear
join me on the roof
salvation is near
up here my dear

in here my dear
look in my eye
do you see a tear?
if you take my hand
will you feel fear?
in here my dear

space ain’t black, it’s green & beige
a pulsing place the colour of rage
& you ain’t gonna find a hero or a sage
out here

out here my dear
in the land of the mad
& the austere
where you can be crazy
any day of the year
out here my dear

copyright © 2014 KPM

atmosphere pic

bug spray

she’s insanely afraid
of all bugs
spiders, worms ‘n garden slugs
anything that flies
or slinks or crawls
soon induces
hysterical squalls

her partner
(who’s also her best friend)
desperate to bring
her shrieks to an end
made her a gift of
flowers an’ chardonnay
an’ a can
of industrial strength bug spray

thus armed
she wandered ‘round her flat
peerin’ into nooks ‘n crannies
where bugs might be at
she sprayed beneath
the plant stand
an’ beneath the TV
an’ blasted underneath
the leather settee

feelin’ safe now
she stowed the spray under the sink
turned the lights down low
then made them both a drink
stroked his hair, his cheek,
whispered soft as a summer’s breeze,
“if only someone made a spray to kill  painful memories”

copyright © 2010-2014 KPM

bug spray

the bonsai tree

it’s just a
tiny little bonsai tree
its branches twisted
kinda like me

I saw it in a shop
just last Saturday
an’ so I took it home
seemed it needed a place to stay

it sat amongst the larger trees
it looked forgotten & forlorn
perhaps it even felt like me
a little lost, a bit lovelorn

such a tiny little thing
in a blue ceramic pot
seemed we needed each other
so I took it home, thinkin’ why not?

it’s a tiny little thing
a 5-quid bonsai tree
but sittin’ on my desk
it brings great joy to me

copyright © 2009-2014 KPM

bonsai pic

the Queen of Castle Order

in a verdant valley
betwixt two hills of green
there dwelt a beautiful
& solitary queen

her domicile was marked
by a lush flower border
& she was known to all
as the Queen of Castle Order

the castle gardens were filled with flowers
lined in military rows
no sign of weeds or garden tools
or an uncoiled garden hose

her castle was small
but immaculately kept
& beyond its borders
no chaos or cruelty crept

the townspeople loved her
in spite of the fact she had nothin’ to say
& she was quick to smile
though she kept everyone at bay

every day she’d leave the castle
beautifully gowned
nodding & smiling benevolently
she’d walk through the town

& the people smiled & waved
making sure her path was clear
it was their way of showing
that they held her very dear

still, the people wondered
for she was no ugly crone
why was she always silent?
why did she live alone?

unbeknownst to them
their Queen had made a vow:
she’d never speak or love again
no way, no how

for once there’d been a boy
she’d loved with her every breath
but thoughtless words she spoke
resulted in his death

thus it was that like Cassandra
her words would never be believed
so she made her vow of silence
though doing so left her grieved

she realized over life
she had no control
so she created a world of order
to soothe her lonely soul

inside her castle
where no one had ever been allowed
she’d made an orderly world
or which she was quite proud

all of her treasures
had their own special place
of dust or dissension
there was nary a trace

once the Queen got lonely
& took a neighboring prince as her mate
but the curse of the gods was strong
& soon the prince’s love turned to hate

so the Queen accepted her fate
living happily alone in her castle
taking comfort in the order she’d created
& a life free of any hassle

copyright © 2010-2014 KPM

castle order

cuddling Eeyore

still an’ quiet he lies on my breast
animal comfort at its best

ensconced with me in a warm green bubble
an’ a dancing fire that burns away all trouble

gently he snuggles underneath my chin
a faithful companion through thick an’ thin

happily he absorbs my pain
as we cuddle to the music of autumn rain

soft an’ warm he nestles against my breast
eroding the fear that resides in my chest

at peace, I stroke his fur – my heart’s not aching
I’m safe – for now – in a world of my own making

copyright © 2014 KPM

cuddling Eeyore

exiles in the land of Nod

so Mary Magdalene was a whore
but if it’s true that God made everything,
then He made our bodies:
He opened lust’s door

apostle to the apostles
defamed as a lowlife cur
she was a tower an’ a fortress
an’ I know
my Lord loved her

Jezebel an’ Delilah
messed up royal
but my Lord overlooked this
to forgiveness He was loyal

both women were strong
yet by love they were brought low
one can discover
for oneself
what historians have failed to show

each sunrise we awake
in awe an’ fear of the living God
only to accept
by sunset
our return to worm-filled sod

‘s true: nobody’s perfect
we’ve all fallen short of God
we all of us
are sinners
exiles in the land of Nod

copyright © 2014 KPM