“Darling Bear”

I was in the wilds of cyberspace
havin’ a leisurely look
when I ended up at Amazon,
‘n decided to treat myself to a book

‘twas a novel I’d long wanted
as it was used, it cost just one cent
2.80 USD for the postage
to me it was money well spent

the book arrived quite quickly –
I didnae hafta wait an age
it was in pristine condition
save for the title page

there at the very top
printed in blue ink with obvious care
was an inscription reading,
“Happy Christmas, Darling Bear”

now if you’re a friend o’ mine
ya ken my mind works differently
I read those neatly printed words
an’ my imagination ran free

who was Darling Bear?
was it a woman? was it a man?
were they Eskimo or Egyptian –
did they hail from some exotic land?

had they been childhood sweethearts –
best friends at the start?
fallin’ in love as they grew older,
vowin’ that never would they part?

sumthin’ painful musta happened
someone probly got hurt real bad
an’ the sight of that book in their bookcase
made ‘em cryin’ sad

so they got rid of it (along wit’ other stuff)
tryin’ to banish memory
hopin’ someone in love would buy it
someone just like me

copyright © 2011-2014 KPM

Darling Bear mystery

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