the Queen of Castle Order

in a verdant valley
betwixt two hills of green
there dwelt a beautiful
& solitary queen

her domicile was marked
by a lush flower border
& she was known to all
as the Queen of Castle Order

the castle gardens were filled with flowers
lined in military rows
no sign of weeds or garden tools
or an uncoiled garden hose

her castle was small
but immaculately kept
& beyond its borders
no chaos or cruelty crept

the townspeople loved her
in spite of the fact she had nothin’ to say
& she was quick to smile
though she kept everyone at bay

every day she’d leave the castle
beautifully gowned
nodding & smiling benevolently
she’d walk through the town

& the people smiled & waved
making sure her path was clear
it was their way of showing
that they held her very dear

still, the people wondered
for she was no ugly crone
why was she always silent?
why did she live alone?

unbeknownst to them
their Queen had made a vow:
she’d never speak or love again
no way, no how

for once there’d been a boy
she’d loved with her every breath
but thoughtless words she spoke
resulted in his death

thus it was that like Cassandra
her words would never be believed
so she made her vow of silence
though doing so left her grieved

she realized over life
she had no control
so she created a world of order
to soothe her lonely soul

inside her castle
where no one had ever been allowed
she’d made an orderly world
or which she was quite proud

all of her treasures
had their own special place
of dust or dissension
there was nary a trace

once the Queen got lonely
& took a neighboring prince as her mate
but the curse of the gods was strong
& soon the prince’s love turned to hate

so the Queen accepted her fate
living happily alone in her castle
taking comfort in the order she’d created
& a life free of any hassle

copyright © 2010-2014 KPM

castle order

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