2 little girls

two little girls with hopeful faces
one with wild ginger hair, the other blond with braces
two little girls I almost didn’t see
until they shyly stepped up to me

“Miss,” said the girl with the ginger hair
as the girl with the braces fixed me with a solemn stare
“Miss,” she repeated without artful pretence
“Please, could you give us 62 pence?”

“Our mums gave us money for the bus,
but we spent some at McDonald’s an’ don’t want them to fuss.
They won’t hit us, but they will yell an’ shout,
so we were just wonderin’ – would you help us out?”

I put on a serious face & said in a serious voice:
“Do you realize you may have made an unwise choice?
You’re old enough to know the world is full of dangers,
& I bet your mums’ve told you must never talk to strangers.”

“Yes miss,” the girls agreed, “But we thought you wouldn’t mind.
You see we talked it over, an’ agreed that you looked kind.
Really miss, we’re good girls – we use common sense.
So please, will you give us 62 pence?”

“You’re lucky,” I smiled, “I’m in a good mood.
I just want to go home & have some wine & food.”
reaching in my purse, I handed them a pound
“Now go straight home,” I admonished, “No hangin’ around.”

“Thank you miss,” they both beamed,
their smiles innocent & sweet
then they happily linked hands
& went skippin’ down the street

copyright © 2014 KPM

two little girls

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