positive ‘n upbeat I may try to be
but sometimes things just get to me
thus in the midst of my workaday scurry
I’m sometimes plagued by insistent worry

I worry about the tiny bump on my bottom gum
what does it mean – where’d it come from?
I worry about the swelling in my knees
‘n agonize over my allergy to stingin’ bees

I worry that spiders will make their home beneath my bed
which adds to the grey hairs that’re sproutin’ on my head
what do I do with this hair anyway: go natural, or wear a wig?
‘n I’m sure these skinny jeans make my butt look too big!

then there’s the times I worry ‘bout what other people think
‘n whether or not I should have that second drink
I worry ‘bout my temper when life throws me a curve
‘s hard fo’ me to be nice when folks get on my last nerve!

nuclear war, racism, famine, the state of my eternal soul
I worry ‘bout all kinds a things over which I’ve no control
‘n I worry endlessly about the loved ones in my life
prayin’ that they’re safe ‘n healthy’ ‘n free from any strife

but somehow I get over it – I never worry for too long
soon enough my smile returns ‘n I burst into song
I believe in God, ‘n I believe in me
in the end I always triumph over adversity

copyright © 2011-2014 KPM


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