electric addictions

faint-hearted fools
decry 21st century tools
but the colors that are shown
remove the unknown

souls with no spark
prefer life in the dark
but beauty abounds
in the noise that surrounds

humans who choose hate
play a dangerous game with fate
but there is no place to flee
from all the things we daily see

hearts full of fear
deny the truths they hear
but none of us can hide
knowledge will not be denied

copyright © 2014 KPM

electric addictions

Bird in flight

at those notes
she can’t help but wonder
what he dreamed of as a child
did thoughts of fame
or adulation
make his heart race, fast ‘n wild?

she likes to think he cared for neither
he’d still be cool
although unknown
ridin’ that dark horse
with his saxophone

at those sounds
her eyes always close
an’ she pretends he’s still alive
makin’ music just for her
as she drinks alone
in a smoke-filled dive

copyright © 2014 KPM

Bird in flight pic

trolley people

in the shadow of an old church steeple
just before it starts to rain
I stand an’ watch the trolley people
faces lined & fulla pain

tiredly they traverse the pavement
they do not look at me
ragged souls of circumstance
that others refuse to see

scarred men an’ shattered women
all ages, black an’ white
seemingly oblivious
their eyes devoid of light

they push their creakin’ trolleys
luggin’ everything they own
an’ I feel a twinge of guilt
as I dash for my cozy home

copyright © 2010-2014 KPM

trolley people

faith reborn

she’s lain in the cut so long, too long
pierced by life’s cruellest prong
& though she’s repented of all wrong
overwhelmed she remains by the Evil One’s throng

hidden between the jokes
& the nightmares that hold reign
lie kernels of reality
truths wrapped in pain

in the depths of desperation,
she sometimes thinks “how will I cope?”
then Jesus in his mercy
opens arms that offer hope

with the help of the angels
God’s supporting players
upright she stands
before the naysayers

she’s escaped the cut she’s lain in for so long, too long
redemption has been granted for her every wrong
& defeated are the demons sent by Satan’s throng
as she utters words of praise in a joyful song

copyright © 2014 KPM

faith reborn pic