in a happy place

she saw him from afar
grinning madly as he played guitar
in some hole-in-the-wall bar

he didn’t see her
as she slunk like a cur
through the crowd’s insistent purr

he looked like a bum – he’d never dressed very snappy
still, he looked happy

as tiny as a tomb
yet crowded was the room
where sad souls swayed in Marlboro gloom

suffused by infernal heat
enthralled by the beat
right up front she found a seat

some folks in the audience were loud – rather yappy
yet he looked happy

onstage, his band resembled lords
drums so loud they rattled floorboards
he winked at her as he ran through the chords

pleased she was by this secret glance
signalling as it did another chance
rising, for him did her special dance

he played, he smiled – she no longer felt crappy
grateful to have proof that he was happy

copyright © 2014 KPM

in a happy place

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