it comes with age

long ago,
when everything was new & fun
she thought of herself as the chosen one
people to love
a plethora of blessings raining down from above

life intruded
like Job, times got tough
she began to doubt if she was smart enough
a landscape altered by jealousy

was the mirror dirty?
mere soap scum & grime?
eye bags
what looked like a liver spot
no longer would she be branded “hot”

but it’s cool
she’s reached a perfect plateau
she’s mastered goin’ with the flow
her beauty may have faded
but her brain is still there
reminding her daily of all those who care

copyright © 2016 KPM

it comes with age

dreams under the duvet

come back to me, my baby
let’s do this over, please
cause now that we’re both older
this shit’ll be a breeze

you will not get jealous
our life won’t be so fraught
an’ I won’t be so angry
cause you’ll have my back the way you ought

come back to me, my darlin’
let’s do this again, please
we can be more together
than frozen carrots ‘n peas

I swear I’ll make an effort
to be more spontaneous
‘n we’ll dispense with all the crap –
those peeps who’re extraneous

come back to me, my sweetheart
let’s try this again, please
we’ll get it right this time
we’ll live ‘n love with perfect ease

you can come home at night
instead of hauntin’ all the bars
‘n Sundays we’ll lie late in bed
soothin’ each other’s scars

‘s time to come home, baby
I’m standin’ by the gate
we can do this over
love should not have to wait

copyright © 2016 KPM

dreams under the duvet

Ziggy Stardust doesn’t live here any more

Ziggy Stardust doesn’t live here any more
he got on that ship with Major Tom
they closed the hatch an’ locked the door
reckon Ziggy was fed up with this place
he might even be happier, among the stars in space

but I can’t believe I won’t see Ziggy any more
for so many years I loved him
his loss leaves me heart sore
I’d play his music LOUD – how I’d dance & laugh!
(an’ my daddy threatened to break my phonograph)

Ziggy Stardust understood me
if I raged or if I cried
to him I was no oddity
he saw through all my angst & pride
this fellow traveller who dwelled Outside

No, Ziggy Stardust doesn’t live here any more
he left me vinyl, two new CDs
& memories galore
my life will continue, though Ziggy’s gone away
in my head, in my heart, his guitar will always play

copyright © 2016 KPM