Mother’s Day

it’s the weekend
a time I used to love
but in this incarnation –
I’ve become a mourning dove

Friday, Saturday,
the days are all the same
there’s a constant ache in my chest
I can barely remember my name

I used to get excited
when Friday rolled around
now I’m tortured by the memory
of dark, rain-soaked ground

where have you gone, Mommy?
why did you leave?
I don’t know what I’m doing
all I can do is grieve

I can’t sleep – I can’t eat
food is unappealing
can’t even lose myself through sex
cause your death has left me reeling

I’ve plenty friends who love me
they support me in my pain
still I weep – I can’t accept
you’ve moved on to a higher plane

I want to believe you’re in heaven
with Daddy, & you’re both fine
tell me you’re at peace, Mommy
please send me some kinda sign

cause my life has been hell
since the Lord took you away
there’s no place to mail my card to
& tomorrow is Mother’s Day

copyright © 2017 KPM

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