more than memory

you are there
as I prepare
my lunch of tuna fish
once you made it for me
expressing your deepest wish
with childhood’s culinary spree

when I drink iced tea
your face I see
fine beads of sweat
as you worked in the garden
no matter what happened
never did your big heart harden

in everything I do
I feel you
it’s in the way I iron
my partner’s favourite shirt
he’s always there – like you,
shielding me from hurt

when I garden, when I sleep
when I’m mired in depression deep
when I hold my partner’s hand
when I’m missing my home land
when I’m talking on the phone
when I feel most scared & all alone

you’re still there
so this pain I must bear
because you loved me
I can be strong
because you loved me
I’ll learn to sing another song

copyright © 2017 KPM

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