la rona

on this chilly spring night
when she is all alone
she’s happy to see a light shining
in a window other than her own

for a plague has fallen
on the land she holds so dear
death & dissension seek to reign
along with the minions of fear

this plague makes no distinctions:
young or old, poor or rich
it’s not something one can turn off
by a simple toggle switch

yet some folks don’t think it’s serious
merrily skipping out the door
“it’s a hoax – fake news” they laugh
advice & warnings they ignore

the knowledge she possesses
did not come through grapevines
for she has many friends & family
that are on the front lines

this threat is real – relentless
crossing borders, seas & moors
why take the risk? be sensible
keep your ass indoors

copyright © 2020 KPM

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