she’s a little buzzed
on this Thursday night
stereo’s volume knob
turned all the way to the right

she’s singin’
a bit off-key, a lot loud
as she dances
before an imaginary crowd

alone she is
a family of one
celebrating herself
in Dundee’s setting sun

the world has been plunged
into an unknown hell
but everyone she loves
is alive & well

so tonight she is happy
transcending judgement or guilt
revelling in a life
hard fought for & built

a life built on sacrifice
needing no one’s permission
a life of possibility
with love as the ignition

solitary she may be
a family of one
yet she celebrates herself
in Dundee’s setting sun

the shit that’s happenin’ now?
ain’t no solution in no textbook
you gotta seek out love & beauty
everywhere you look

hold on to those things
you know to be right & true
hold on to those people
who love & have faith in you

for now she is okay
dealing with this on her own
in all truth she must admit
she’s happiest when alone

alone she remains
on this chilly Thursday night
drinking chenin blanc & dreamin’
of a world that’s free from blight

alone & at peace
a family of one
dancin’ unapologetically
in Dundee’s setting sun

copyright © 2020 KPM

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