we’re all in this together

it helps to know I’m not alone
in my tidy little home
yearning for a hug from my best friend
day drinking while I wait for this lockdown to end

it helps to know I’m not the only sad soul
longing for work to make them feel whole
wishing to throw off solitude’s chain
tired of the telly to which I’m now chained

it helps to read I am not on my own
on those days when I weep or have a moan
unable to control the thoughts in my mind
longing for a button to allow me to rewind

for now, I watch the warm spring
revert to bad weather
wishing I could believe
we’re all in this together

odd, how I find comfort watching GMB
news anchors who admit they feel as bad as me
the grass in my garden growing & green
as people worldwide wait for a vaccine

so I make another drink in my tidy cozy space
thankful I’ve awakened in this safe, familiar place
those who think they’re in power? no one’s fears they can allay
better to trust a higher power to get you through another day

copyright © 2020 KPM

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