locked down on Nelson Street

the sun has not been cancelled
it rises every morn
birds sing outside her window
the world has been reborn

her bed must be made
there’s coffee to brew
she gazes at her garden
drenched in April dew

sausage for breakfast –
or maybe bacon?
she lights a cigarette
ignoring a heart that’s aching

she eats, does the dishes
opens curtains & blinds
books & CDs she realigns

she wanders through the lounge
high-ceilinged blue & green
sunshine on earth-toned highlights
a picture-perfect scene

next door is her kitchen
brighter than a summer day
a man stands at a counter
powerfully built, with hair of gray

he bathes her in safety
deals with her fears
makes her laugh
until she’s in tears

how she loves it:
that hug, the kiss hello
& how when she acts stupid
he’s quick to tell her so

a memorable first date
meals, weddings, death
sleeping & awakening
to the sound of his breath

bowls of fruit, flower bouquets
a Valentine’s card
the reassuring steadfast presence
whenever life gets get hard

life in lockdown – still, she’s happy
with the choices she has made
spooning, they fall asleep
in the cruel pandemic’s shade

copyright © 2020 KPM

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