dancing on Sunday

she remembers a Sunday
not long past
when she danced to music
loud & fast
songs that cheered her
the music of her youth
back in the days when musical idols
always sang the truth

she remembers how
the sun shone on that Sunday
as she danced in her garden
to keep depression at bay
dancing barefoot on grass
covered in Scottish pigeon shit
all alone she danced
caring not one whit

she danced & she sang
on her small patch of earth
battling her grief & her demons
with all she was worth
she spun remembering
basement parties
the smell of sweat & weed
plates piled with food so hearty

current times may be uncertain
lockdown an unwelcome curse
yet she dances in her garden
reminding herself things could be worse
despite those days when depression
plunges her into a dive
she’s not homeless, she is healthy
the people she loves are still alive

copyright © 2020 KPM

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