doubt & discourse

where are you, O Lord?
the planet is sick
with a virus more lethal
than any ice-pick

where are you, my God?
the earth grows blighted
your people are ignoring
advice experts have cited

they’re clamouring for pubs
longing for jet-fuelled holidays
while others mourn their loved ones
with eyes swollen & glazed

“but I need a haircut!”
“I wanna go to the gym!”
lives needlessly lost
due to another’s selfish whim

& where are you, my Lord?
as the faithful call
are you watching
your creations downfall?

fear not, my child
for I am here
in the silent skies above you
so cloudless, so clear

I am present in the rain
making the flowers you love grow
I smile at you from the faces
of everyone you know

I’ve not abandoned you
so have no fear
for I am the Lord your God
& I am always here

thank you, dear Lord
for reassuring me
as I toil in my garden today
thanks for my blessings I offer to thee

copyright © 2020 KPM

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