morning parade

my neighbour leads the way
bang on at 10 past 8
pack on back, bag in hand
yeah, I can relate

old dude in an indy ref cap
is next to walk down the hill
winds tuggin’ at his beard
fixin’ a rolly-up with neat skill

there’s a woman with a child
the bairn’s unsteady on her feet
their hands are linked together
as they traverse the cobblestone street

the skinny kid walks his bike
he sports a Just Eat uniform
grey clouds hover overhead
for his sake, I hope it don’t storm

on the other side of the street
an old woman walks up the hill
Aldi’s bag clasped to her chest
from the top some celery stalks spill

another day of hoping
I’ll get that for which I’ve prayed
wrapped in silence at my desk
watchin’ another morning parade

copyright © 2020 KPM

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