stupidity runs rampant

I don’t know anyone
who’d choose
to have these rainy day lockdown blues
that’s what I got today
what can I do to make them go away?

when I woke up
this mornin’
the sun was beamin’ bright
‘n as I ate my breakfast
I thanked the Lord
for a safe night

I said thanks
for the clothes in my closet
thanks cause my arthritis didn’t hurt
thanks for clean water
to drink ‘n bathe in
thanks for the flowers sproutin’ in dirt

with food in my fridge
a home
to which I can return
I set out on my daily walk
hat on head
to avoid sunburn

there were masked
‘n unmasked people
busily they milled around
it was almost as if
had returned to my much-loved town

but then I saw somethin’
that caused me great
unmasked & selfish people
actin’ like
they didn’t care

2 folk about to enter Lidls
but neither person
wore a mask
‘n both loudly
when a staff member took ‘em to task

‘n I couldn’t help but think:
“how stupid are they?
are they not aware?
there’s a virus
with no vaccine
currently ragin’ out there?”

it made me sad
it made me angry
yet I kept quiet
I just wanted wine
fresh flowers
not a potential riot

thus I paid
for my small purchases
quickly departin’ the store
wantin’ only
the safety
of bein’ locked behind my red door

so now I’m feelin’
which I never meant to be
felled by rainy day
lockdown blues
home alone in my bonnie Dundee

copyright © 2020 KPM

One thought on “stupidity runs rampant

  1. I feel you. I haven’t been one for getting out much in a long time, but now I’m even less likely to do so. I hate going into shops and will do without things (although, never wine) just to avoid them. xx

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