the revelation

as a kid, I was OG
raised on cracked concrete
sashayin’ down Harvard
in the bakin’ summer heat
one of many black girls
growin’ up in da hood
in a time when things were safe
‘n people were good

a proud OG
from back in da day
when authority was respected
a parent’s word held sway
we had limits that were clear
we weren’t allowed to run wild
cuz all the grown-ups around agreed:
it takes a village to raise a child

a joyous OG
with sisters ‘n a brother
we knew nothin’ of divorce
we had our father ‘n our mother
with our siblings
we were not allowed to fight
‘n we knew to get our asses home
before the street lamps shone bright

one more OG
for whom life was sometimes hard
blessed with parents who did their best
to provide the home with the big backyard
softball, kickball, hide & seek
grown-ups were stern but nice
block parties, card parties, barbecues
a childhood paradise

I’m older now
this OG has greyin’ hair
falls asleep durin’ movies
gets excited by new hardware
my heart is still youthful
although my knees are goin’ bad
I’m proud to be OG
those were the best days I ever had

copyright © 2020 KPM

a revelation

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