lies our leaders tell us

it’s a hoax
it’s not real
just another libtard lie
there’s no such thing as Covid
no one is gonna die

it’s a trick
it’s a fraud
it’s a childish fairy tale
what Russian interference?
nothing’s wrong with the US mail!

it’s a plot
it’s a ploy
the whole thing is phony
institutional racism?
what a load of baloney!

it’s a lie
it’s fake news
it’s a major cause for doubt
“ooh, but why don’t people don’t like me?”
WTF is that about?

arise, everybody
time to wake up
to really see
it’s not just 45 & BoJo
who obfuscate with glee

open your eyes
brothers & sisters
use your voice, make a stand
before freedom everywhere
becomes a mockery that’s banned

copyright © 2020 KPM

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