this needs to STOP
the headlines
the videos
another brother
shot by cop
more blood
in the street
more traumatized kids
for some psychiatrist
to treat

and the QAnon troops
will rally – they’ll cry:
“he ain’t dead”
“dude didn’t DIE!”

41 shots
and Amadou died on the ground
Jacob Blake took just 7
should we be grateful,
cause the number of
bullets used went down?

I think not
I think not
my skin feels hot
thoughts afire
tears scald, they burn
my anger
collective hopelessness
when will these people learn?

Black Body Count
our lives are not a game
we don’t want to
we can’t afford to
say or add another name
with each death
3-4 generations lost
it’s humanity
who pays the cost
but do you see?
do you care?
is anyone
paying attention out there?

copyright © 2020 KPM

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