the third sin

so tired of
rainy days
‘n internet scammers
endless political u-turns
illegal rave jammers

fed up with
Facebook ‘n Twitter
fake ads, fake prose
their claims they can’t control it
but they could fix it if they chose

sick to death
of lockdown
wanna work, see my friends
the lies just keep on comin’
there are no Covid dividends

had enough of
racist posts
45’s fat orange face
BoJo’s sucking up
migrants with no safe space

‘n I CANNOT watch
one more clip
of a black person’s death
the grief of a family as they watch
someone they love take their last breath

something’s wrong
with the world we live in now
those in power will not help us
their god is Greed – to him they bow

copyright © 2020 KPM

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