now would be a good time to surrender

pots topple in the wind
dying leaves forlornly dance
gonna mix shit up tonight
might as well take the chance

inside is manufactured heat
a dead animal fries in sizzlin’ grease
cabernet or chardonnay:
which will give the most release?

no one sees or hears us
no one’s listenin’ – o so sad
you didn’t love us enough
that’s why we behave so bad

nights get darker early
our shadows grow long ‘n lean
television makes no sense:
what do those people mean?

the lies ‘n the deception,
they just go on ‘n on
we’re expected to ignore it
settle down – it’ll soon be gone

no one wants to see or hear us
no one’s listenin’ – it’s too sad
but let’s maintain that status quo:
‘s no one’s fault that things are bad

copyright © 2020 KPM

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