extra, extra

once upon a time
when folks were not so dense
when kind smiles were the norm
back when the world made sense

we rejoiced in summer
sun was yellow, skies were blue
& those we voted into power
knew the right things to do

some things may not have been “perfect”
for many people money was tight
but the daily news headlines
did not disrupt our sleep at night

no rising jobless numbers
no free-range fear or stress
now normalcy has vanished
how’d we end up in such a mess?

rampant racism, a global pandemic
fake news that breeds distrust & fear
there has to be an end to this
a better future, with rules fair & clear

we can offer each other comfort
though denied the luxury of touch
we’ll not survive unless we realise
we need each other so very much

copyright © 2020 KPM

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