new shoes

clouds as thin as prison bars
dryin’ curry sauce scars
yawnin’ as she makes her way
the first steps to a brand new day

“I shoulda bought the red”
keeps playin’ in her head
walkin’ down a street
where there are no smiles to greet

the carpet guy opens his shop
a load of pigeon shit goes plop
nearin’ the bakery – smell of fresh bread
“wish I had bought the red”

sky’s a strange shade of blue
people stare in the Costa queue
in City Centre the folks are spread
“I can always go back ‘n get the red”

“will I go back ‘n get the red,
or go straight home ‘n go to bed?
nah…I got no closet space
heels’re too high – I’ll fall on my face!”

copyright © 2020 KPM

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