numbers game

nothing’s coming out
save Players smoke
words that gridlocked early
need that traffic bloke

what to have for breakfast:
oatmeal or cheese on toast?
the light within the fridge
is a laughing white ghost

you can see it in the air
morning chill that nibbles toes
bright sunrise without warmth
inside me coffee glows

the walk to work is peaceful
beneath the arch of autumn sky
will I say hello to my friend,
or will I strangle on goodbye?

copyright © 2020 KPM

almost like normal

rising to an alarm
just like in the old days
waiting for the kettle to boil
morning sky’s a cloudy haze

gazing out at the garden
framed by lace & voile
drops of dew that dance on grass
before sinking into the soil

rubbing tiny crusts of sleep
from near-sighted eyes
loving that first cup of coffee
noisily the bacon fries

so comforting, it is
the return of this routine
it’s almost like the old days
peaceful weekday morning scene

copyright © 2020 KPM

blank slate

good morning
gentle press of lips
he grunts
when she musses his hair
with her fingertips

into the worn
he settles back
as she heads off to
the kitchen
to remedy caffeine’s lack

just another
thankfully the sun is out
for the moment
her mind’s a blank
nuthin’ at all to worry about

copyright © 2020 KPM


‘s nice when you get up
after a toss-and-turnin’ night
sleepwalk into a room
all awash in rain-grey light

have some water, take your pills
that first cuppie to drink
bees batter the window in vain,
tryin’ to reach a bouquet of pink

everything is tidy
rugs bear no sign of dirt
the gleam ‘n shine of lemon wax
house plants healthy & inert

2nd cup of coffee
2nd cigarette
“will I turn on the TV?
nah, the news is bad, I bet”

outside the watery window
a few folks walk up & down
the Deliveroo guy, a nurse
makin’ their silent way into town

hang the washing out today?
best not to take that chance
outdoors the rain & wind
execute a wet Wednesday dance

a final cup of coffee
last night’s nightmare fades away
breakfast / bathe / get dressed
sit at my desk & write all day

copyright © 2020 KPM



the demons return
when the room is pitch-black
but she’s stronger now:
well-equipped to fight back
she’ll not let their negativity
win the day
her feet are firmly planted
her resolve will not sway

she’s made friends with Hypnos
she dances in her dreams
blithely side-steppin’
away from the demons’ screams
ogres & devils
do battle for her soul
as she recedes from the reach
of Charon’s barge pole

copyright © 2017 KPM


brain cells busy cooking
always she is looking
far beyond what her hopes might be
in search of golden opportunity

she’s not just idly dreaming
constantly she’s scheming
no time to be depressed or blue
doggedly doing all she can do

tomorrow’s horizon she is scanning
for her future she is planning
throwing caution to the wind
as she lays the foundation for starting again

copyright © 2017 KPM