new shoes

clouds as thin as prison bars
dryin’ curry sauce scars
yawnin’ as she makes her way
the first steps to a brand new day

“I shoulda bought the red”
keeps playin’ in her head
walkin’ down a street
where there are no smiles to greet

the carpet guy opens his shop
a load of pigeon shit goes plop
nearin’ the bakery – smell of fresh bread
“wish I had bought the red”

sky’s a strange shade of blue
people stare in the Costa queue
in City Centre the folks are spread
“I can always go back ‘n get the red”

“will I go back ‘n get the red,
or go straight home ‘n go to bed?
nah…I got no closet space
heels’re too high – I’ll fall on my face!”

copyright © 2020 KPM


she likes most music
(though she don’t like Elvis)
give her rap
tunes that make her shake her pelvis

she likes to eat
you know she loves her food
put her belly in a good mood

she loves movies
different accents, different faces
South Korean
tales from far-off places

she chats with strangers:
saying “educate me”
Sikhs & Muslims
in search of commonality

in her garden she likes to sit
where aromatic colours breed
embraced by concrete
iron &
garden walls: only walls she’ll ever need

copyright © 2020 KPM

just one of those days

think I wanna go home
but is that the right play?
or a just case of too much wine
on a sunny Dundee day?

Lake Erie I replaced
with the bonnie River Tay
but Lake Erie was there first
& that scent won’t go away

my bedroom in the basement
picnic table in the backyard
though some days there were problems
life really wasn’t all that hard

I wanna sit in my sister’s kitchen
& have her do my hair
I want to tell my brother
how much I love him, how much I care

I love the life I’ve made for myself
in my bonnie Dundee
so why do I now have doubts
that I made the best choice for me?

I hate the way this virus
has bred distrust & strife
I hate the way this virus
has upended my life

I hate the political point-scoring
Trump & Boris’ endless lies
powerful people who ignore
ordinary folks’ cries

stuck I am
between two countries I care about
thus I weep, I wonder
day in, day out

copyright © 2020 KPM

interior designs

there are always has options
another road, a different way
if you shove fear out the door
you’ll triumph on another day

it’s not impossible:
the right decision can be made
but only if you’re willing
to step out of the shade

be brave & buoyant
as you stand in the sun
unafraid & unwavering
before anyone

make your own mark
design your own legacy
believe in yourself
embracing flight can set you free

copyright © 2017 KPM