this is madness

dear Doctor G
d’you think you could gimme a call?
at 3am when I wake up to pee
I see monsters in the hall

sometimes in the mornin’
as I remake my rumpled bed
I could swear that I hear voices:
are they only in my head?

Doctor G, I’d hate to think
that you’re sittin’ there ‘n grinnin’
I’m in need of an appointment
help me stop the demons from winnin’

no longer can I bear
these odd sensations
I gotta see you face-to-face:
let’s review these medications

am I crazy, Doctor G?
is this shit real, or in my mind?
am I losin’ it because
the world’s grown hateful ‘n unkind?

copyright © 2020 KPM

get thee gone, Satan

there’s a monster that lives
behind her eyes
drowning out her good thoughts
with unholy cries
it buzzes in her head
like so many bees
distorting everything good
she sees

long has the monster lived
behind her eyes
spewing clouds of doubt
into her sunny blue skies
he brings bad dreams
disrupts her sleep
causing her – at odd times –
to moan & weep

the monster loves his home
behind her eyes
where 24/7
he plots her demise
but she’s blessed with
many allies
their power refutes
the monster’s lies

there’s a monster that lives
behind her eyes
I’ve got one, too,
so I sympathize
his delight is in falsehoods
which he spreads all day long
by God’s grace
I can resist
I stand tall, I stand strong

copyright © 2016 KPM



it never goes away

disquiet rides in
on the pale horse of dreams
cantering amongst moonbeams
impervious to the screams
of the nightmare tossed

despair saunters in
with a flirtatious dance
staying awhile to dance
offering no hope or chance
to the many lost

death stalks in
eyes burning fever bright
looking neither left nor right
an oft blessed blight
if one cares naught about the cost

copyright © 2015 KPM

it never goes away


up here my dear
dive in my eyes
the way is clear
join me on the roof
salvation is near
up here my dear

in here my dear
look in my eye
do you see a tear?
if you take my hand
will you feel fear?
in here my dear

space ain’t black, it’s green & beige
a pulsing place the colour of rage
& you ain’t gonna find a hero or a sage
out here

out here my dear
in the land of the mad
& the austere
where you can be crazy
any day of the year
out here my dear

copyright © 2014 KPM

atmosphere pic

the Strathmore Hotel

on the edge of the town centre
in a tiny Scottish town
lies a derelict hotel
of battered stone all mossy brown

a once grand place
central to the town’s life
now sad and neglected
with ghostly squatters it is rife

people hurry past the place
it seems to fill them with dread
when you ask about its history
everyone averts their head

no records of these walls exist
in town hall or ancient book
so armed with pen and camera
I entered alone to have a look

the faded foyer was resplendent
with a dusty chandelier
the fireplace mantle bore a statue
of a Venetian gondolier

toward a spiral staircase
my eager footsteps were spurred
seeking the owners of the voices
whose tearful whispers I’d just heard

80 steps I climbed
rotting handrail cautiously grasped
and at the top I saw a sight
so frightening that I gasped

a seemingly endless corridor
with 10 doors on each side
in the middle of the hall
stood what was surely Satan’s bride

her body was built for seduction
dark eyes and hair aflame
nude and rotting she strode toward me
without any fear or shame

“Greetings,” the apparition said
“We’ve had nae visitors for many a year
I’d be delighted if you stayed,
but others may not want you here.”

“What is this place?” I asked her
“What life did you forsake?
“I must be going crazy –
Is this a dream? Am I awake?”

“No dream is this,” she cackled
“You’re in the home of those who fell
“Too wicked are we for heaven,
too evil are we for hell.”

then the doors which lined the hallway
opened wide with rusty shrieks
spilling forth the damned and fallen
all blank eyes and decayed cheeks

“Ahhhhh!” they cried as they capered
“Fresh meat for the hotel grinder!
“So much for curiosity –
no one will ever find her!”

on my knees I cried and swore
that their secret I’d never tell
but they believed me not:
now I call home the Strathmore Hotel

copyright © 2010-2014 KPM

strathmore hotel pic


(it all started with the flies)

he hated buzzin’ flies, you see
blamed it on his OCD
he hated germs – flies crawl in shit
so he pulled their wings off, bit by bit

(he liked their struggles)

one day he took a small earthworm
sliced it in half, laughed to see it squirm
beneath a rosebush hid a garter snake
that he battered with a garden rake

(he needed something bigger)

with an old aluminum baseball bat
he beat to death a neighbor’s cat
enjoyin’ the meaty thud thud thud
annoyed by the lack of significant blood

(he’d be doin’ everyone a favor if he)

waylaid the local bully after school one day
enticin’ him with xbox an’ a new game to play
with blank detachment he slit the bully’s throat
buried the body after cleanin’ the xbox remote

(he got away with it)

copyright © 2014 KPM

deviant pic


they want out
there are lies that they would share
mutiny is brewing
underneath that silky hair
they want their freedom
the hippocampus is too small
& they’ve nightmares to inject into one & all

they want out
too long they’ve lived alone
in their restrictive prison
of blood and bone
“let us out!” they cry
“captivity has made us weak”
but their entireties are ignored –
she knows the havoc they will wreak

copyright © 2014 KPM

brainbreak pic

dark wonder

a dark wonder
manifest in verse
love as a blessing
life as a curse
hopes that curdle
like spoiled cream
depression devours
every dream
lawless / legless
tortured thoughts shifting
vainly seeking
light uplifting
a buzzing noise
a heart like stone
sweaty / sleepless
nights alone

copyright © 2014 KPM

dark wonder pic

symphony for sin in seven parts

a soul as old as the sands of time
owner of a house without reason or rhyme
only infidels are invited in
to partake all the delights of sin

thus the doors are opened wide
welcome to the darker side

Livia, Delilah and Jezebel
grin as they greet you at the gates of hell
keepers of the eternal fires
grantors of your darkest desires

thus the doors are opened wide
celebrate the darker side

a room full of mirrors crack’d and stained
sad souls dance before them ‘til they’re drained
down vanity’s slope these souls did slide
into the valley known as Pride

thus the doors are opened wide
take a look at the darker side

for those who Envy there’s a special hoard
of lovely things they could never afford
items they wish they could’ve bought
baubles for which they bitterly fought

thus the doors are opened wide
rejoice in the darker side

there’s a massive kitchen for Gluttony
in here you can eat everything you can see
smack your lips and watch your belly swell
then waddle thru the halls of hell

thus the doors are opened wide
drink deep of the darker side

the cellar holds a diabolical jury
for those who spent their lives in fury
follow a steep and spirally path
to cavort with the demon Wrath

thus the doors are opened wide
gambol in the darker side

we’ve not left out a room for Greed
so satisfy your every need
money and sex, or jewels and power
you’ll never have an idle hour

thus the doors are opened wide
delight in the darker side
lazy souls can pledge their troth
to the slovenly spirit Sloth
a simpering and mindless jerk
with him you’ll never have to work

thus the doors are opened wide
all hail the darker side

our favourite room was saved ‘til last
for boasters of their sexual past
the attic holds the incubus Lust
come copulate amidst the dust

thus the doors are opened wide
learn to love your darker side

copyright © 2014 KPM

symphony for sin pic