(it all started with the flies)

he hated buzzin’ flies, you see
blamed it on his OCD
he hated germs – flies crawl in shit
so he pulled their wings off, bit by bit

(he liked their struggles)

one day he took a small earthworm
sliced it in half, laughed to see it squirm
beneath a rosebush hid a garter snake
that he battered with a garden rake

(he needed something bigger)

with an old aluminum baseball bat
he beat to death a neighbor’s cat
enjoyin’ the meaty thud thud thud
annoyed by the lack of significant blood

(he’d be doin’ everyone a favor if he)

waylaid the local bully after school one day
enticin’ him with xbox an’ a new game to play
with blank detachment he slit the bully’s throat
buried the body after cleanin’ the xbox remote

(he got away with it)

copyright © 2014 KPM

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