vitamin D

gonna throw a parade
though it’ll be a parade of one
cause after weeks of darkness
she came back – glorious sun

pick some flowers from the garden
entwine them in my hair
tie bright bouncy balloons
to the back of each patio chair

she came back, bringing heat
sun on skin: such a thrill
it’s a day to slap some burgers
on the barbecue grill

all alone I’ll celebrate
I’ll dance with hands in the air
do just what the song suggests:
“wave ‘em like you just don’t care”

because at long last
those threatening clouds have gone
all’s right with the world
today nothing will go wrong

copyright © 2020 KPM

my splendid solitude

time to get comfy now:
remove the earrings, the socks, the bra
gonna go play with the blender
make somethin’ that needs a fancy straw

got movie munchies in the fridge:
prawns, olives, brie, paté
new batteries in all the remotes
I’ll watch movies for the rest of the day

think I want some hot food, too
perhaps some Chinese chicken wings
no need to cook from scratch
when there’s a freezer fulla things

oven set to 180c
bakin’ evenly, cookin’ steady
pillows ‘n blanket on the couch
‘s Sunday evenin’ – I’m so ready

all alone yet not lonely
I’m no “spinster” – no old crone
I think of myself as lucky
despite a lockdown spent alone

copyright © 2020 KPM

a home in Dundee

everyone needs a sanctuary
mine’s a beige ‘n green dome
a place of love ‘n safety
a carefully created home

thoughtfully chosen
was each room’s colour scheme
to be designed around
an intensely personal theme

happy hours spent in Craft World
to make the wreath for my front door
haunting all the local shops
for the right rug for the lounge floor

with the curtains for each room
I went a little overboard
I wanted what I wanted
so the budget got ignored

lamps, cushions, bookcases
bought ‘n paid for with dispatch
bed linens, bath mats, towels
everything a perfect match

my roots are apparent
about that there’s no mystery
family ‘n friends in frames
honour my unique history

this is my home, my refuge
wherein dwell my fish ‘n me
it’s the place I love the most
my little flat in my bonnie Dundee

copyright © 2020 KPM

a home in Dundee

get a grip

you gotta get a grip, girl
it’s folks you can’t let down
people look to you for hope
in your fear you cannot drown

put your face out there
let them see you smile
you never know who might need it,
lockdown’s gonna last awhile

buck up, baby girl
your peeps on you
they know the words you speak (or write)
is on the real & always true

you gotta hang in there
your parents watch you from above
you must get through each day
for all those folks you love

so get a grip, my love
our world leaders may be bumbling
all the folks you love are safe
so be grateful & stop your grumbling

copyright © 2020 KPM

Sunday correspondence

Dundee sun shines
& she’s wide awake
determined that from this day
nothing but joy will she take

from the crisp curtains that hang
at the window frame
they’re 10 years old,
but she loves them just the same

to her plants
scattered everywhere
& the gray streaks that dot
her unmanageable hair

her house is clean
fresh laundry dances on the line
her belly’s full & nothing hurts
in her wee world all’s just fine

so she laughs at the way
the sunlight streams
while slim fingers on the keyboard
propel her closer to her dreams

copyright © 2020 KPM