listen up

how folks’ll comment
on animal pics
or pics of food
yet they remain silent
when a post
strikes a BLM mood

they ignore it
they scroll past it
‘n that’s cool
that’s their choice
but for the poster
that silence hurts:
‘s like you don’t wanna hear their voice

right now, black folks
brown folks
need everyone
to show they care
too long they’ve been mistreated
too long they’ve sought
what’s right, what’s fair

your black brothers
your black sisters
need allies
to secure a future bright
workin’ together
that’s how we all survive
search your conscience: do what’s right

copyright © 2020 KPM

the social compact has been broken

when time ceases to have meaning
it can be hard to feel at ease
shakin’ off the spectre of guilt
at havin’ hours to do as you please

in an effort to live life “normal”
you dress each day as if for work
endin’ up on the sofa with Netflix
troubled by duties you think you’ve shirked

can’t sit still, must do something
upscale a table, mop some floors
work sustained you, gave you meaning
now you spend time inventing chores

all this is new to you
years spent runnin’ that rat race
no guidelines on how to act
when languor stares you in the face

‘n our leaders offer naught
save platitudes ‘n useless blether
Big Brother is runnin’ amok
we’re not all in this together

thus we re-paint our kitchens
spruce up our garden greenery
as we hold our breath ‘n wait
on the political machinery

but we’re expendable to them
they’ve no concept of what is right
we can only depend on us
to build a future both fair ‘n bright

copyright © 2020 KPM

only my window box is winning

take a moment to observe
the flowers in my window box
the way they hold each other up
though each plant has had hard knocks

each bloom, each plant is separate
growing at a different rate
yet somehow they coexist
ain’t that lovely? I think it’s great

beautiful, the way they mingle
the way they manage to get along
in such a tiny, defined space
they sing a harmonious, scented song

look at the flowers in my box
free from hatred, immune to greed
sunshine, water, a little love
‘n they’re happy – that’s all they need

the flowers in my window box
they all grew from a tiny seed
if only mankind were more like them
realising we’re all part of the same breed

we could kill off all the bad stuff
truly make a new beginning
sadly, assholes are in power
only my window box is winning

copyright © 2020 KPM

only my window box is winning



what use have we now
for clocks?
racy ticks ‘n random tocks
aimless walks along empty docks
timed dryers
spittin’ out single socks
while novice gardeners free
newly dug beds of rocks
& tired single moms gaze helplessly
on dwindling food stocks
as the Jesus man in City Centre
keeps rantin’ from his soapbox
& the rest of us binge on
Hulu & Netflix
safe on our sofas
behind three door locks
awaiting a vaccine
to save us from the Covid pox
that continues to throw up
to lives once consumed
with ticks & tocks

copyright © 2020 KPM

idle thoughts

frequently she wonders
about other populations
their thoughts on the virus ‘n hate
now pulverizing nations

so many tenement buildings
four or eight flats to a floor
where chats on the stairs have stopped
now people scurry out the door

endless rows of duplexes
front gardens colourful ‘n neat
small faces peer from windows
as Mummy makes something to eat

in the gleaming multis
reaching for a heavenly sky
women water plants on balconies
listening to songs that makes them cry

worldwide there are houses
where unseen people dwell
old folk, single folk, families
making their way through uncertainty’s hell

copyright © 2020 KPM

blood red

it was my mother’s
favourite colour
so I planted red gardenias
where bees now hover

my goin’ out lipstick
in a tube thin & sleek
so I can leave red kisses
on my loved ones cheek

so many shades
tantalizing hues
shiny red toenails
peeking through my summer shoes

flags, cars, hair
it flows in rivers during war
soldiers of different races
dying on a foreign shore

my mother’s favourite colour
it’s always been around
now spilled on US streets
from the bodies of those who are brown

copyright © 2020 KPM

la rona

on this chilly spring night
when she is all alone
she’s happy to see a light shining
in a window other than her own

for a plague has fallen
on the land she holds so dear
death & dissension seek to reign
along with the minions of fear

this plague makes no distinctions:
young or old, poor or rich
it’s not something one can turn off
by a simple toggle switch

yet some folks don’t think it’s serious
merrily skipping out the door
“it’s a hoax – fake news” they laugh
advice & warnings they ignore

the knowledge she possesses
did not come through grapevines
for she has many friends & family
that are on the front lines

this threat is real – relentless
crossing borders, seas & moors
why take the risk? be sensible
keep your ass indoors

copyright © 2020 KPM

one small voice

I’m deeply troubled by the thought
of people denied seats on planes
such injustice awakens a memory
of the many humans bound by chains

as an honourably discharged vet
who proudly served in the US Army
I’m appalled & aghast by the recent actions
of a ‘President’ immature & smarmy

this man has no compassion
he’s making a vile mockery
of the words of hope engraved
on the Statue of Liberty

my family & friends are in America
varied in their religions & races
& America was founded by immigrants
from vast & far-flung places

at uni I studied all kinds of subjects
falling in love with history
& the current ‘President’s’ rhetoric
smacks of Hitler to me

it’s totally unacceptable
this level of insanity
in what I always thought of as
the home of the brave & land of the free

now I watch that freedom threatened
by a man who would be king
a man who’d destroy Martin’s wish
that we let freedom ring

I’m just an ordinary person
so to you, my words may not matter
an American in Dundee
watching her homeland shatter

but if you’re as worried as I am
then this poem I ask you to share
for refugees & for immigrants
for the downtrodden everywhere

now’s the time to band together
before it is too late
we need to remember God is love
& love will always trump hate

copyright © 2017 KPM


God’s children

we may have different colored skins
but we all commit the same tired sins
our differences can provoke a violent reaction
yet sometimes there is calm interaction

our hopes & dreams are largely the same
but when things go wrong it’s each other we blame
& though we may belong to different nations
we have the same trials & tribulations

we’re all God’s children
though we may sing a different song
we’re all God’s children
we should learn to get along

we all have families, we all work
we all have little things that drive us berserk
we all have things we’re frightened of
we all have people that we love

so it shouldn’t matter what language we speak
or be a competition between the strong & the weak
no man is an island made of granite
we gotta learn to peacefully share this planet

cause we’re all we’re all God’s children
though we may sing a different song
we’re all God’s children
it’s time for us to get along

copyright © 2008-2014 KPM

God's Children


beam me up, Scotty!

jacked-up junkies
dirty drunkies
colleagues that’re ass-lickin’ flunkies

gutted cars
sleazy strip bars
stoners who claim they’ve come from Mars

steamin’ dog shit
damp blobs of spit
men who claim to love you before they hit

beam me up, Scotty
cuz planet Earth is whack
beam me up, Scotty
I’ll never ask you to come back

welfare mommas
baby daddy dramas
kids wanderin’ the streets in threadbare pajamas

teens in detention
workers on suspension
news headlines too awful to mention

street musicians
corrupt politicians
ordinary folk on desperate missions

beam me up, Scotty
I’m drownin’ in fear
beam me up, Scotty
cause I don’t like it here

copyright © 2014 KPM

beammeupscotty pic