house arrest

is that a star
or a satellite
shining in the sky so bright?
gonna pretend
it is a star
shinin’ down
from the heavens so far
cause stars
like love, like angels
help me to cope
a light in the darkness
that always offers hope

copyright © 2020 KPM

habitual solutions

she does her best
to come to grips with this pandemic
so she’s developed 2 new habits
now second nature – endemic

once a devotee
of total silence
now she finds she needs noise
else her thoughts turn violence

when she first awakens
she needs to hear another’s voice
certain movies work quite well
some films just make her heart rejoice

she needs loud music
old rock ‘n roll works best
she can close her eyes ‘n dance
in time with the heartbeat in her breast

then there are the days
when the black dog is near
sucking the air from the room
staring at her with a hateful leer

days when she’s so depressed
she can’t bear any sound
beneath the duvet she hides
she’s safe here, underground

copyright © 2020 KPM

cookie cutter days

some days she gets up slowly
but every day she arises
aware of possibilities
on the heels of God’s sunrises

mornings after nightmares
when she finds it hard to talk
dreich weather days
when it hurts her to walk

bein’ locked down hasn’t helped
no matter how hard she tries
she feels helpless in the face of
angry unbelievers’ cries

so often she is tired
yet she soldiers on
for the many people who love her
for the sight of one more dawn

copyright © 2020 KPM

sunset gin

it’s my own special concoction
utilised on those days
when I waft from room to room
in an unthinking daze
mornings when I feel unsettled
afternoons when I feel blue
after evening tea
when I don’t know what to do
made especially for those days
when I simply cannot win
a magic remedy
that I call sunset gin

no, I’m not gone tell you
what’s in the recipe
just believe me when I tell you
it restores your sanity
a quirky tri-coloured mix
of orange & pink & yellow
all angst disappears
one glass of this & you’ll feel mellow
it’s no antidote for Covid
though troubles it will drown
love me some sunset gin
it’s my solution to lockdown

copyright © 2020 KPM

sunset gin

no answers

what day is it?
what is the time?
the world has shifted on its axis
there’s no more reason, no rhyme

wake up, make the bed
cook a bite to eat
settle in next to the window
observing an empty street

chain smoking’s now the norm
you do it every day
menthol mushroom cloud
that never quite goes away

‘s really scary, too:
how much you’ve begun to drink
lethal but legal cocktails
that don’t help you not to think

each day is the same
telly vomits worldwide unrest
nights spent struggling to sleep
with a constant ache in your chest

13 weeks of lockdown
your bank account says you’re poor
13 weeks of fear
because the future’s so unsure

copyright © 2020 KPM

no answers


locked down
locked in

in her head
a tumultuous din

guzzling down
chardonnay or gin

half-assed poems
consigned to the bin

watching lyin’ newscasters
spewing daily spin

hidin’ under the covers
contemplating sin

locked down
locked in

copyright © 2020 KPM


boo to you, Boris
Cummings should get the sack
guess it’s not only morals
but leadership you lack

all those people on the front lines
their kids are sat home in tears
while those in power traipse all over
as poor folks struggle with their fears

major fail, Boris
were you ever really sick?
or was it all a PR stunt
you must think we’re pretty thick

you’re every bit as horrid
as your buddy 45
the disregard you show
for people fighting to survive

just once, do right Boris
kick Cummings out
or karma will come for you
of that you should have no doubt!

copyright © 2020 KPM


gettin’ up in the mornin’
“where are my fags?”
while the kettle’s boilin’
I need those first few drags

before I eat my breakfast
“what happened to my book?”
fiction’s better than the news
it improves the day’s outlook

gotta get some bread ‘n milk
“where’d I put my purse?”
must be fallout from the lockdown
that’s why my memory’s getting’ worse

“where are my keys?”
is somethin’ I no longer say
in my flat or in my garden
that’s where I prefer to stay

copyright © 2020 KPM