just wanna stay in my bubble

it’s a good start to the morning
silky scented shower gel
bubbles that bathe my weary body
I face a new day of “new normal” hell

a squeeze of the Fairy bottle
prior to doin’ the breakfast dishes
sends tiny bubbles flyin’
like renewed childhood wishes

outdoors in the garden
red watering can tops up the pond
rainbow bubbles float on the surface
blue tits joyously respond

& at day’s end there’s Prosecco
dancin’ bubbles in crystal glass
alcoholic reassurance
that this too shall one day pass

copyright © 2020 KPM

Just wanna stay in my bubble

the messenger calls

underground cables compete
with high wires for miles
both carry love & hope
on the wings of childhood smiles

beautiful black women
side by side, they’ve endured much
smart & tactile women
now denied the magic of touch

2-dimensional images
perfect faces on small screens
cyberspace connections
each knows what the other means

“girl, stuff is so fucked up”
“you can’t make me wear this mask”
hey yo, can someone tell me
when our leaders will be called to task?

for the covid-19 numbers?
for racism that remains entrenched?
for the blood of black brothers ‘n sistas
in their blood this world has been drenched

this is a fight we must continue
we must ignore the political games
black, white, asian, polish
we all hafta say their names

‘s time to squash this mess
stand with us, please don’t quit
cause black lives still – they’ll always – matter
gauntlet’s been thrown: will you commit?

copyright © 2020 KPM

afternoon chat

one Sunday Jessie told me
“you know, your life’s amazing”
it was uttered seriously
bright Bellini eyes blazing

these words weren’t new to me
I’d heard this sentiment before
today I understood its meaning
I welcomed that opened door

for many years I sought
the kinda life I’m livin’ now
not bein’ the kinda woman
to bow, to scrape or kowtow

mistakes I may have made
but I own them – they’re all mine
guilt? regrets? mostly banished
all things get sorted in time

cause I’m happily livin’ a life
some folk may not understand
a life that gives me all I need
in a country good & grand

copyright © 2020 KPM

a home in Dundee

everyone needs a sanctuary
mine’s a beige ‘n green dome
a place of love ‘n safety
a carefully created home

thoughtfully chosen
was each room’s colour scheme
to be designed around
an intensely personal theme

happy hours spent in Craft World
to make the wreath for my front door
haunting all the local shops
for the right rug for the lounge floor

with the curtains for each room
I went a little overboard
I wanted what I wanted
so the budget got ignored

lamps, cushions, bookcases
bought ‘n paid for with dispatch
bed linens, bath mats, towels
everything a perfect match

my roots are apparent
about that there’s no mystery
family ‘n friends in frames
honour my unique history

this is my home, my refuge
wherein dwell my fish ‘n me
it’s the place I love the most
my little flat in my bonnie Dundee

copyright © 2020 KPM

a home in Dundee

a Dundee Sunday storm

it was 16:05
when the sun came out
a huge smile crossed her face
she almost gave a shout

her sweet peas had survived
Mother Nature’s latest storm
‘n it smelled like Sunday dinner
inside where she was safe ‘n warm

another day of Skyping
all the people that she loves
cyber hugs ‘n kisses
cell phone’s electronic shoves

how did mankind end up here?
she struggles to understand
the hatred, the dissension
hallmarks of a once proud land

copyright © 2020 KPM

depression confession

is that my black dog talking?
or is that the way I truly feel?
with the death of normalcy
sometimes I can’t discern what’s real

recently I had a birthday
which – surprisingly – was swell
thanks to my partner, my friends & neighbours
I dodged a lockdown birthday hell

so it’s hard to understand
why I now feel so bemused
why I’m so desperate for sleep
why my heart feels sorely bruised

it could be that I’m homesick
God knows I miss my family
perhaps I hurt because my homeland
is now a total calamity

I admit I’m worried about money
I imagine others are, too
living off my overdraft
is never a thing I wanted to do

the daily headlines are horrendous
too many innocents are dying
what with folk with fucked-up priorities
‘n racist politicians lying

or maybe I’m just worried
about what is yet to come
for the many marginalized
who’ve yet to hear the freedom drum

I give a shout out to those folks
who tune in here each day
but when I’m sad or fearful
all my words just fade away

so apologies for my silence
I do not mean to be a jerk
writing is usually my solace
but just now, it does not work

copyright © 2020 KPM

depression confession


it’s the 19th of June
quietly I’ll celebrate
I’ll do somethin’ that I like
listen to tunes that make me feel great

it’s also the day before
my brother’s birthday
a big beautiful black man
that some people view as prey

on June 19th
in 18 and 65
the last of the slaves were freed
when General Granger arrived

and a people migrated
north, east and west
seeking to live a normal life
to this end they tried their best

fast-forward 400 years
to 19th June 2020
and the virus of racism
still decimates lands of plenty

bullets, dogs, tear gas
death by cop, death by car
it would seem humanity
has not evolved very far

still no justice, still no peace
a people still treated as slaves
while no one gives any thought to
the mothers weeping over graves

once again there’s prayers and protests
officials making speeches trite
no comfort to those who are seeking
to live safe like others: that’s their right

yeah, today’s Juneteenth
we honour the ancestors who have died
as for our futures we’re still pleading
for an end to black genocide

copyright © 2020 KPM


ways to kill time during lockdown

sort all your books ‘n DVDs
into alphabetical order
freshen up a tired bedroom
with a self-adhesive border

when you’re makin’ dinner
cook for more than just two
that way you’ll be left with
a lotta dishes to do

if you have a garden
your own private green space
you can exercise outdoors
music by Beats while joggin’ in place

go through all your closets
organize your clothes
enjoy your favourite wine
dancin’ to YouTube videos

learn a foreign language
paint a masterpiece
clean the grotty oven
of all that baked-on grease

‘s just a tiny sample
of small things I sometimes do
to help me get through lockdown
tell me: what works for you?

copyright © 2020 KPM


I need a day off

from the odd destructive thought
& the awful trackie bottoms I impulse bought

tryin’ to convince myself that everything’s “just fine”
when it’s obviously not; or why that 3rd bottle of wine?

I need to get away

from Daily Sun pics of people in breadlines
the BBC’s panic-inducing headlines

lyin’ to myself that everything’s “okay”
when fat-faced so-called leaders still hold sway

I need a hero

a person I trust to rescue me
to bolster my hopes with a firm “wait & see”

to laugh with me at my new lockdown girth
to hug me, to kiss me, to tell me my life has worth

I need someone
to help me defuse

these festering
these fiery
lockdown & protest blues

copyright © 2020 KPM

20 bucks

not gonna accept your chains
not gonna accept your wall
I’ve grown used to your hatred
but you will never make me crawl

n’ it’s so unjust, this hatred
the bloody insults to my race
it’s 2020, people
fuck off with this “know your place”

kill them doctored history books
squash the mainstream media lies
rediscover your humanity
hear the oppressed people’s cries

the Lord blessed me with talent
so I raise my poetic voice
don’t wanna hear or read my words?
change the channel: you have that choice

no matter where you’re born
you want to love the land of your birth
but how – why? – should I stand or salute
when you say 20 bucks is all I’m worth?

copyright © 2020 KPM