the good of the many

valiant is the effort
she makes each ‘n every day
to keep that smile
that sparkle
to push the darkness away

heroic is the motion
just getting out of bed
“yeah I’m good”
“course I’m okay”
ignoring all that causes dread

now that smiles are hidden
voices muffled
faces masked
to her, it’s important
that she do as she is asked

copyright © 2020 KPM

bug spray

she’s insanely afraid
of all bugs
spiders, worms ‘n garden slugs
anything that flies
or slinks or crawls
soon induces
hysterical squalls

her partner
(who’s also her best friend)
desperate to bring
her shrieks to an end
made her a gift of
flowers an’ chardonnay
an’ a can
of industrial strength bug spray

thus armed
she wandered ‘round her flat
peerin’ into nooks ‘n crannies
where bugs might be at
she sprayed beneath
the plant stand
an’ beneath the TV
an’ blasted underneath
the leather settee

feelin’ safe now
she stowed the spray under the sink
turned the lights down low
then made them both a drink
stroked his hair, his cheek,
whispered soft as a summer’s breeze,
“if only someone made a spray to kill  painful memories”

copyright © 2010-2014 KPM

bug spray

consoling sounds

sudden puff of air
bed slats creak
mattress’ delighted squeak
signals that he’s not there
(he’s probly gone for a pee
then he’ll be comin’ back to me)

two quiet clicks
water in a rush
noisy toilet flush
cursin’ when the door sticks
(I was right: he needed a pee
now he’s comin’ back to me)

he whistles down the hall
puts the kettle on
another Sunday dawn
shattered by a crow’s call
(now that he’s had his pee
he’ll bring a cuppie back to me)

sunlight assaults my head
his pillow smells like him
givin’ in to a sudden whim
I clamber out of bed
(his face I long to see
but first I need a pee)

copyright © 2014 KPM

consoling sounds pic

the amorous couple in the Tesco aisle

listen my children
here’s a tale to make you smile
‘bout some kids I saw
in the Metro Tesco aisle

young couple in their early 20s
out for a bit of fun
& totally oblivious
to everyone

punk rockers they were –
or maybe they were Goth
both had spiky hair & piercings
fully covered in black cloth

the girl’s hair was magenta
the boy’s a brilliant sky blue
& they gazed upon each other
with eyes that shone like dew

they stood like perfect statues
in the middle of the floor
hands clasped & lips locked
while shoppers ambled round the store

some shoppers looked upon them
with mingled scorn and disgust
but they didn’t bother me:
I rather admired their lust

it’s a natural emotion
neither dirty nor stealthy
they were happy showing their love,
so to me, that made them healthy

I paid for my purchases
pretending not to watch them kiss
hoping my face did not reveal
my envy at their bliss

as I walked up the hill alone
on my face was a wistful smile
rememberin’ my days as part of a couple
like the one in the Tesco aisle

copyright © 2009-2014 KPM

amorous couple pic

as my lover sleeps

last night I dreamt I kissed you
as you lay sleeping by my side
your face reflecting moonlight blue
as into dreams I watched you slide
gentle was the kiss I planted
on your scented silky hair
by your soul I was enchanted
and I said a silent prayer
that your affection I would keep
in my life you would remain
and I should finally cease to weep
joy I would not have to feign

all this I dreamt as I lay against your back
revelling in your arms and the darkness black

copyright © 2014 KPM

asmyloversleeps pic

family follies

o the joys of family dysfunction!
sibling rivalry & riotous rambunction
a perfect house with manicured yard
a simple life that’s often hard
well hidden by a white picket fence
behind which nothing makes much sense
the daddy laughs, the mommy cries
& all the kiddies cover their eyes
with care the daddy’s head is bent
in his daily struggle to pay the rent
the mommy juggles many woes
to keep her kids in food & clothes
for the youngest child all life’s a game
the oldest child carries all the blame
& the middle child has no outlook
being often overlooked
voices raised in a fighting song
over who is right & who is wrong
the son is taught he’s free to choose
the daughters believe they’re doomed to lose
love & hate, cruel or kind
they’re family & forever intertwined

copyright © 2014 KPM

familyfollies pic