cause in effect

darkness is brewin’
growing ever more entrenched
flames are risin’
which no hoses can quench

the rumblin’ is louder
screams in collective ears
shots keep ringin’ out
accompanied by tears

trust continues to erode
chain the door – lock that bolt
people hurtin’, people in pain
on the edge of revolt

black v white, left v right
so many lines now blurred
how can we take care of each other,
when our voices are not heard?

smoky discontent
scars each morning’s dawn
all bets are off
now that the rule book’s gone

copyright © 2020 KPM

Gaia raging

hey, I get it:
the reason why you hide
why you’d rather stay inside
people can’t be arsed
to really look at you
so what else are you supposed to do?

I feel ya:
the grief at being underrated
daily unappreciated
unsubtle warning
displayed daily on the page
still no one listens, so you rage

I hear ya:
you’ve had enough so you show it
‘n people everywhere better know it
I’d fix it if I could
but I’m just a paltry party of one
a superficial soul, who – like you – has come undone

copyright © 2020 KPM

bolt hole

in love with lemon wax
areas that filth can’t reach
glass that’s barely there
the noxious smell of too much bleach

Big Brother’s in da house
thankfully, he’s outa sight
clock is tickin’ far too loud
on this lockdown Friday night

‘n you’re alone
a scared wee mouse
September sun is settin’
outside the walls of your safe house

too much sun, too much Prosecco
giggly-wobbly wine high
good way to start the evenin’
sofa blankets smellin’ of sky

only dinner left to do
vegetables to chop ‘n grate
Leonard Cohen lullabies
embrace you while you wait

as always, you wait alone
a solitary mouse
listenin’ for that magic buzzer
that opens the door to your safe house

copyright © 2020 KPM

Fairmount Boulevard

she remembers driving down
Fairmount Boulevard
back in the good old days
before her life became so hard

to her office she would go
each & every day
where she’d do the work she loved
in exchange for massive pay

she remembers driving
the way she used to sing
& how the trees on Fairmount Boulevard
would all bloom in the spring

the double-click of the key
as she unlocked her office door
at her desk she did work that mattered
her days were never a bore

she’d drive down Fairmount Boulevard
in summer heat, in winter snow
happy thinking of the job
to which she had to go

16 years later
she has no office key
middle-aged & unemployed
she faces a future she cannot see

no more can she delight
in her manager’s high-fives
down Fairmount Boulevard
she no longer drives

copyright © 2016 KPM


it never goes away

disquiet rides in
on the pale horse of dreams
cantering amongst moonbeams
impervious to the screams
of the nightmare tossed

despair saunters in
with a flirtatious dance
staying awhile to dance
offering no hope or chance
to the many lost

death stalks in
eyes burning fever bright
looking neither left nor right
an oft blessed blight
if one cares naught about the cost

copyright © 2015 KPM

it never goes away