Stuff Our Girl’s Had Published

Sienna Soul

Sienna Soul’s Solitary Desert Café
Stone Finger Solutions
March 2013
A poetic tale for anyone who’s ever been unlucky in love.



‘Dancing with Dr Stonefinger’  Aspects of Love, Donna Samworth (Forward Poetry), pg 62, Oct 2012

Aspects of Love

‘When the Multis Came Down’   Dundee Writes, Josephine Jules Andrews (University of Dundee Press), pg 13, March 2012

Dundee Writes

‘No 22: Craigowl’   A World of Words, ed. by Jenni Bannister (Forward Poetry), pg 231, Dec 2011

A World of Words

Meltwater Blues’ Everflowing Ink, ed. by Helen Davies, (Forward Poetry), p. 209,  Nov 2011

Everflowing Ink

‘A Life of Squalor’ The Poet in Me, ed. by Donna Samworth, (Forward Poetry), p. 19,  Nov 2011

The Poet In Me

Someone Bombed the Equinox’ Forever Words, ed. by Jenni Bannister, (Forward Poetry), pp. 2-3, Sept 2011

Forever Words

‘The Amorous Couple in the Tesco Aisle’ A Piece of My Heart, ed. by Donna Samworth, (Forward Poetry), pp. 249, April 2011

A Piece of my Heart


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