lies our leaders tell us

it’s a hoax
it’s not real
just another libtard lie
there’s no such thing as Covid
no one is gonna die

it’s a trick
it’s a fraud
it’s a childish fairy tale
what Russian interference?
nothing’s wrong with the US mail!

it’s a plot
it’s a ploy
the whole thing is phony
institutional racism?
what a load of baloney!

it’s a lie
it’s fake news
it’s a major cause for doubt
“ooh, but why don’t people don’t like me?”
WTF is that about?

arise, everybody
time to wake up
to really see
it’s not just 45 & BoJo
who obfuscate with glee

open your eyes
brothers & sisters
use your voice, make a stand
before freedom everywhere
becomes a mockery that’s banned

copyright © 2020 KPM


she wants to believe in miracles
some folks think that’s odd
firmly rooted in their realities
as she listens for the voice of God

but lately God’s been silent
His/Her mercy is not there
thus she sits, chain-smoking,
refusing to cry in her lovely lair

many have been her troubles
& she knows she’s not the only one
this knowledge brings no comfort
as she watches another rising sun

a list of blessings she has made:
food in the fridge & a good man’s love
yet she can’t help but feel let down
by whoever’s runnin’ things above

each day she grows more anxious
the simplest task is now a strain
& darkness overwhelms her
on those long nights filled with pain

the holy lifeline is no more
heaven has closed it gates
is this meant to teach her patience?
she wonders, & she waits

copyright © 2015 KPM



the coldness grows around her heart
with the passing years she drifts further apart
from all humanity – those who claimed they cared
but she’s happy in her solitude – she is not scared

colder she grows – more resolute
friends, acquaintances, colleagues – everybody gets the boot
she’s loved until her heart was sore
love does no good any more

cold is God’s breath as it blows on her
constant pain in her chest doth stir
it’s not the way she wanted to be
she continues the battle, determined not to flee

copyright © 2015 KPM


the truth will out

she never longed to be a mother
though once she dreamed of being a wife
all too soon she learned
that love was a double-edged knife

you give someone your everything
devote your heart ‘n soul
to end up feelin’ like a misfit –
wife is not your proper role

so you focus on your career
lotsa certificates on your study wall
only to find out you’re expendable –
your employer cares for you not at all

you keep tryin’ hard to move forward
cause that’s what you always do
only to suffocate in snot ‘n saltwater
even God has abandoned you

now forward motion is the dream
as your feet are stuck to a hopeless path
everything everywhere ends
targets for a laughin’ God’s wrath

copyright © 2015 KPM

the truth will out


in bed
fast asleep
she yields control of her brain
a laughing Hypnos
& The Sandman
then drag her down Memory Lane

at first
the dreamy landscape
is filled with naught but bliss
boyish words of love
as she relives
her first gentle kiss

her past turns
like the pages of a book
& then
the scenery changes
she’s faced with a darker look

by the memory
of the first one who lied
she then falls into
the grave
of the first love who died

photos of faces
she’d thought
beneath the carpet she’d swept
& hateful words
swim in the sea of tears she’d wept

the last
the worst betrayal
that came as such a shock
she struggles
with the demon memory
til released by her buzzing clock

copyright © 2014 KPM

involuntary pic