losing Eden

is it possible
that God has grown
angry with us?
disgusted by our petty differences
the way we forever fight ‘n fuss

perhaps the Lord
has had enough
of so many spiteful lies
maybe it’s not climate change,
but retribution from heaven’s skies

ever wonder
if the Almighty
regrets humans – His creations?
a buncha selfish hedonists
living only for sensation

could well be
God’s furious
with all the killing ‘n the hate
I know if I were God
I’d put a lock on heaven’s gate

if I were God
I’d be pissed off
no matter what the sin
I’d be angry at the lack of love:
I’d wipe everything out ‘n start again

just suppose
that God has feelings
the way you ‘n I do
if someone spits on all your gifts
wouldn’t you want to start anew?

copyright © 2020 KPM