gone (top floor boyz 2)

where’d they go,
those top floor boyz,
who used to watch me in the garden?
the smiles ‘n shouts they sent through lockdown
helped a scared heart not to harden

so sad,
I never learned their names
they’d laugh when I would ask
yet they were present every day
overseeing each green task

what happened to
those top floor boyz?
who so cheekily would flirt
while I pulled weeds in the garden
or dug holes in the dirt

where’ve they gone?
are they hiding?
have they gone on holiday?
their crowded windowsills are now empty –
sure hope they haven’t moved away

young boyz,
they were social
mates in every Friday night
smoke clouds waftin’ from their window
as I sipped wine by sunset’s light

guess my top floor boyz
are gone now
‘n though I wish them well
I miss those smiles – I feel abandoned
left alone in lockdown hell

copyright © 2020 KPM


a blether with a blackbird

‘n just what are you doing?
fancy stoppin’ here?
you’re welcome to do so
I promise you’ve nothin’ to fear

please pardon my attire
all these holes in my shirt
this is what I like to wear
when I’m diggin’ in the dirt

move over a wee bit
you might get tangled in my feet
what’s that – you’re feelin’ peckish?
have a dig – plenty bugs to eat

so what d’you think of my garden?
I can sit out here for hours
I so love this little space
think I should add more flowers?

wait, what’re you doin’?
I thought you wanted to play
wait a sec, come back
please don’t fly away

copyright © 2020 KPM


the ivy makes love to the tree trunk
thin tree branches make love to the leaves
winged creatures sailing above
watch fallen peony petals grieve

bees harmonize with the wind
on the wall two magpies chatter
carnations & lilies sway
they got no problems – nothing’s the matter

their benevolent gardener is present
peacefully deadheading flowers
as butterflies beg for attention
in shaded, scented bowers

the gardener pulls errant weeds
from the newly cut grass
angry seagulls overhead
fly noisily en masse

all alone the gardener works
for nothing else she cares
oblivious to everything
ignoring window stares

copyright © 2020 KPM

an OAP works in her garden

more seeds
more plants
more bags of soil
still furloughed
so in my garden I will toil

pink petunias
geranium showers
Mother Nature ‘n me
together we work for hours

fairy lights
solar lights
busily buzzin’ bees
magpies protestin’
in a warm spring breeze

more tools
more mulch
more white garden stones
there’s naught left but this garden
so to hell with aging bones

copyright © 2020 KPM

my garden

as October approaches

as she labours beneath
a bright September sky
she realises it’s truly autumn
& tells herself she will not cry
because the days grow shorter
because guilty thoughts berate
because the anniversary approaches
of an event which changed her fate

her face is blank
as she diligently pulls the weeds
trying her hardest to forget
those last unkind words & deeds
because she cannot bear it,
that memory of how she cried
flashbacks of the ringing phone
which brought the news of how he’d died

she’s determined to be happy
as she cuts her patch of grass
though fleetingly she wonders
how many years must pass
before her guilt is erased
before grief makes its retreat
before his face fades from her dreams
& her atonement is complete

copyright © 2015 KPM

as October approaches

August’s end

all the flowers in her garden
have hung their head
cause August has arrived
and its end is a cause for dread

scented lilies & lilac lupins
wear faces full of woe
& the dahlias grow depressed
as autumn winds begin to blow

the foxglove has an attitude
cause they like it when it’s hot
but just now it’s blowin’ a gale
& cold is somethin’ they’ve forgot

in the hanging baskets
lobelia & petunias are entwined
longing for the days
when the sun warmly shined

but the keeper of this garden
is the saddest of them all
for she knows the end of August
heralds the start of fall

for though she loves the autumn colors
she hates the onset of shortened days
for soon snow will slam the windows
with an unforgiving, icy glaze

copyright © 2014 KPM

Our Girl's Garden

a garden in Dundee

from her kitchen windowsill
she idly watches a daffodil
marvelling at its sense of time
as it pushes through cold earth & leftover winter grime

sitting on her garden wall
she contemplates crocuses strugglin’ to stand tall
they too know just when to arrive
in spring sunshine they dance and thrive

standing on her precious patch of grass
she’s filled with a joy more fragile than glass
like the ivy entwined around the apple tree
she yields to the embrace of life’s mystery

copyright © 2011-2014 KPM

agardeninDundee pic

dirty hands

sun’s high
in a sky of an indescribable hue
grass gleams
with diamonds damp
sensual Sunday morning dew

they call
from the garden wall
growing infant vegetation
living only for the moment
of scented inspiration

seagulls howl
at the trowel
that cruelly violates the earth
while the earthworms dance
plump bodies wriggling with mirth

crispy air
sunlight’s glare
head filled with flowery plans
she smiles before dropping to her knees
and happily dirties her hands

copyright © 2014 KPM

dirty hands