vitamin D

gonna throw a parade
though it’ll be a parade of one
cause after weeks of darkness
she came back – glorious sun

pick some flowers from the garden
entwine them in my hair
tie bright bouncy balloons
to the back of each patio chair

she came back, bringing heat
sun on skin: such a thrill
it’s a day to slap some burgers
on the barbecue grill

all alone I’ll celebrate
I’ll dance with hands in the air
do just what the song suggests:
“wave ‘em like you just don’t care”

because at long last
those threatening clouds have gone
all’s right with the world
today nothing will go wrong

copyright © 2020 KPM

miracles to spare

in these current troubled times
sometimes faith comes hard
it can be all too easy
to feel life’s handed you a red card

but I hold on to the thought
that evil & darkness cannot last
cause the God I believe in tells us
“this too shall pass”

so I check in on my neighbours
cause that lets them know I care
give spare change to street people
small miracles to share

times are hard for everybody
mankind’s spent all their bargaining chips
better to greet each day
with open heart & prayerful lips

sometimes I’m scared – I’m anxious
angry the world’s now upside down
blessed nights when I dream of my Mom
help restore me to steady ground

Allah, Buddha, Nkosi, God
whatever name you wish to call
prayers are heard – they’re guarantees
the Lord will catch us before we fall

so whether I look without
or whether I look within
I find miracles to spare
I know love is sure to win

copyright © 2020 KPM

you listenin’ Lord?

if you’re gonna rain
then rain
chuck it down
let it pour
cuz right now
is what I’m longin’ for

go on ‘n do it
don’t tease me with
storm clouds
need an excuse
to stay inside
away from crazy folk in crowds

if you’re gonna rain
then bring it
gimme thunder
gimme lightning
wash away the thoughts
of a future
that looks frightening

don’t fuck around
just rain
for a mighty storm
I’m hopin’
show me you’re
still in charge
let the gates of heaven open

copyright © 2020 KPM

the visitor (for LCL)

when my doorbell rang
my face broke out in a smile
cause I knew it was my friend
whom I’d not seen in awhile

Bryan Ferry was spot on:
love is the drug
so I met her with open arms
Covid be damned – I gave her a hug

into the lounge we went
so she could have a wee rest
there I read her a speech I’d written
for the next BLM protest

then, armed with iced tea
& the usual bottle of wine
we moved into the garden’s
warm afternoon sunshine

the morning rain had vanished
an unexpected treat
joyously we bared our skin
to the early evening heat

together in the garden
we spoke of everything
retaining optimism
for what the future might bring

a girl who’s entered womanhood
a woman near the end of her life
both unmindful of race or class
making plans for a world with no strife

copyright © 2020 KPM

only my window box is winning

take a moment to observe
the flowers in my window box
the way they hold each other up
though each plant has had hard knocks

each bloom, each plant is separate
growing at a different rate
yet somehow they coexist
ain’t that lovely? I think it’s great

beautiful, the way they mingle
the way they manage to get along
in such a tiny, defined space
they sing a harmonious, scented song

look at the flowers in my box
free from hatred, immune to greed
sunshine, water, a little love
‘n they’re happy – that’s all they need

the flowers in my window box
they all grew from a tiny seed
if only mankind were more like them
realising we’re all part of the same breed

we could kill off all the bad stuff
truly make a new beginning
sadly, assholes are in power
only my window box is winning

copyright © 2020 KPM

only my window box is winning


morning parade

my neighbour leads the way
bang on at 10 past 8
pack on back, bag in hand
yeah, I can relate

old dude in an indy ref cap
is next to walk down the hill
winds tuggin’ at his beard
fixin’ a rolly-up with neat skill

there’s a woman with a child
the bairn’s unsteady on her feet
their hands are linked together
as they traverse the cobblestone street

the skinny kid walks his bike
he sports a Just Eat uniform
grey clouds hover overhead
for his sake, I hope it don’t storm

on the other side of the street
an old woman walks up the hill
Aldi’s bag clasped to her chest
from the top some celery stalks spill

another day of hoping
I’ll get that for which I’ve prayed
wrapped in silence at my desk
watchin’ another morning parade

copyright © 2020 KPM

sometimes you gotta laugh (for Lucie)

Lucie’s eyes are luminous
as we dance to Fever the Ghost
the fly on the wall can’t tell
which of us is laughing the most

both our eyes grow serious
as we speak of the state of things
voices pained & indignant
sunlight flashing off earrings

Lucie’s eyes are delighted as
she plays for me a Brazilian song
“do you really like it?
“yes I do” legs dancin’ tanned & strong

both our eyes are shining
sippin’ Sauvignon with dinner
as we jokingly agree
lockdown’s not made us any thinner

Lucie’s eyes are loving
music fills the smoky air
we dance in homage to us
laughing freely, without care

copyright © 2020 KPM

an army of angels

they’re coming:
every day their numbers swell
warriors to guard the faithful
from this living hell

carefully bred
specially selected
moving among the living

memories of love
are their calling card
we welcome them
in these times so hard

a father, a husband
his sister, her brother
a stranger’s child
a devoted mother

they’re coming:
the numbers continue to grow
an army of angels
with hope & blessings to bestow

copyright © 2020 KPM

expiration date

I know, I know:
people die
& we may not always understand
for me
I’ve never liked saying
so this is why I weep
it’s the reason that I

I know:
one day
my time here will
for me
much of life has been
yet I have the hope of heaven
opposed to

I know, I know:
that one day
my heart will
& for me
I must learn how to
so with faith I’ll pray
for this pandemic’s

copyright © 2020 KPM

get a grip

you gotta get a grip, girl
it’s folks you can’t let down
people look to you for hope
in your fear you cannot drown

put your face out there
let them see you smile
you never know who might need it,
lockdown’s gonna last awhile

buck up, baby girl
your peeps on you
they know the words you speak (or write)
is on the real & always true

you gotta hang in there
your parents watch you from above
you must get through each day
for all those folks you love

so get a grip, my love
our world leaders may be bumbling
all the folks you love are safe
so be grateful & stop your grumbling

copyright © 2020 KPM