ways to kill time during lockdown

sort all your books ‘n DVDs
into alphabetical order
freshen up a tired bedroom
with a self-adhesive border

when you’re makin’ dinner
cook for more than just two
that way you’ll be left with
a lotta dishes to do

if you have a garden
your own private green space
you can exercise outdoors
music by Beats while joggin’ in place

go through all your closets
organize your clothes
enjoy your favourite wine
dancin’ to YouTube videos

learn a foreign language
paint a masterpiece
clean the grotty oven
of all that baked-on grease

‘s just a tiny sample
of small things I sometimes do
to help me get through lockdown
tell me: what works for you?

copyright © 2020 KPM


I need a day off

from the odd destructive thought
& the awful trackie bottoms I impulse bought

tryin’ to convince myself that everything’s “just fine”
when it’s obviously not; or why that 3rd bottle of wine?

I need to get away

from Daily Sun pics of people in breadlines
the BBC’s panic-inducing headlines

lyin’ to myself that everything’s “okay”
when fat-faced so-called leaders still hold sway

I need a hero

a person I trust to rescue me
to bolster my hopes with a firm “wait & see”

to laugh with me at my new lockdown girth
to hug me, to kiss me, to tell me my life has worth

I need someone
to help me defuse

these festering
these fiery
lockdown & protest blues

copyright © 2020 KPM

morning parade

my neighbour leads the way
bang on at 10 past 8
pack on back, bag in hand
yeah, I can relate

old dude in an indy ref cap
is next to walk down the hill
winds tuggin’ at his beard
fixin’ a rolly-up with neat skill

there’s a woman with a child
the bairn’s unsteady on her feet
their hands are linked together
as they traverse the cobblestone street

the skinny kid walks his bike
he sports a Just Eat uniform
grey clouds hover overhead
for his sake, I hope it don’t storm

on the other side of the street
an old woman walks up the hill
Aldi’s bag clasped to her chest
from the top some celery stalks spill

another day of hoping
I’ll get that for which I’ve prayed
wrapped in silence at my desk
watchin’ another morning parade

copyright © 2020 KPM


‘s nice when you get up
after a toss-and-turnin’ night
sleepwalk into a room
all awash in rain-grey light

have some water, take your pills
that first cuppie to drink
bees batter the window in vain,
tryin’ to reach a bouquet of pink

everything is tidy
rugs bear no sign of dirt
the gleam ‘n shine of lemon wax
house plants healthy & inert

2nd cup of coffee
2nd cigarette
“will I turn on the TV?
nah, the news is bad, I bet”

outside the watery window
a few folks walk up & down
the Deliveroo guy, a nurse
makin’ their silent way into town

hang the washing out today?
best not to take that chance
outdoors the rain & wind
execute a wet Wednesday dance

a final cup of coffee
last night’s nightmare fades away
breakfast / bathe / get dressed
sit at my desk & write all day

copyright © 2020 KPM



the sun beats down
high above
blackbirds circle round
I wonder why
I don’t feel down
at this incessant quiet

ladybug crawls
across moss-covered cement
lone seagull
makes a daredevil descent
yet my soul
feels no torment
at this continued quiet

in the pond
small bubbles rise
in the trees
a warm wind sighs
at peace
I watch the butterflies
dancing in this quiet

sun-kissed legs
all tanned & browned
eyes closed
thinking thoughts profound
my garden
is now holy ground
where I worship quiet

copyright © 2020 KPM

goodnight garden

goodnight garden
goodnight grass
if it doesn’t rain tomorrow
you’ll get trimmed at last

goodnight garden
goodnight trees
I would love to climb you
but I no longer trust my knees

goodnight garden
goodnight patio table
you’re old ‘n rusty now
but you serve as best you’re able

goodnight garden
goodnight lawn chair
your sturdy embrace
makes me feel as if you care

goodnight garden
goodnight sweet peas
caressing me with a scent
borne by the spring breeze

goodnight garden
goodnight wee pond
the bubbles on your surface
are so nice to look upon

goodnight garden
goodnight sun
of all my friends in nature
you remain my favourite one

goodnight garden
goodnight to each ‘n every flower
thanks for the joy you give me
every day, every hour

copyright © 2020 KPM



gettin’ up in the mornin’
“where are my fags?”
while the kettle’s boilin’
I need those first few drags

before I eat my breakfast
“what happened to my book?”
fiction’s better than the news
it improves the day’s outlook

gotta get some bread ‘n milk
“where’d I put my purse?”
must be fallout from the lockdown
that’s why my memory’s getting’ worse

“where are my keys?”
is somethin’ I no longer say
in my flat or in my garden
that’s where I prefer to stay

copyright © 2020 KPM

cocktail hour

is it too early in the day?
need to get motivated
let’s have a glass of Chardonnay

time for lunch
prawns ‘n linguini
topped off by
a chilled Bellini

a cheeky wee drink
while cooking dinner
Long Island Iced Tea
always a winner

meal over, dishes washed
now comes the movie hour
Budweiser in the bottle
with some nips of Aberlour

3 movies later
another day has passed
a final glass of wine
before getting in bed at last

copyright © 2020 KPM

an OAP works in her garden

more seeds
more plants
more bags of soil
still furloughed
so in my garden I will toil

pink petunias
geranium showers
Mother Nature ‘n me
together we work for hours

fairy lights
solar lights
busily buzzin’ bees
magpies protestin’
in a warm spring breeze

more tools
more mulch
more white garden stones
there’s naught left but this garden
so to hell with aging bones

copyright © 2020 KPM

my garden

my new best friend

10 weeks into lockdown
tryin’ hard to avoid feelin’ blue
but every day it’s a little harder
tryin’ to think of stuff to do

frequently I’m on my laptop
composin’ these wee rhymes
cause I can only clean my house
so many times

I’m wary ‘bout a lotta things
like WhatsApp ‘n Snapchat
Zoom, Twitter, Instagram
I can’t get down with that

never bothered me overmuch
I like livin’ alone
but in these days of the pandemic
I’m often on my mobile phone

then there’s bad weather days
can’t sit out in my yard
stuck inside with a ticking clock
man, them days is kinda hard

I know everyone’s in lockdown
it’s the only sensible choice
yet I cannot help but yearn
for the sound of another’s voice

so much no one knows:
will this nightmare end soon?
it’s so not healthy for me
all this drinking before noon

so much uncertainty:
when will the lockdown end?
tears & over-thinking
I need a hug – I need a friend

I’m pretty sure these days
it ain’t only me
whose closest relationship now
is with their flat-screen TV

so all hail Netflix
give praise to Amazon Prime
for providing celluloid friends
with whom we can spend our time

let’s all give thanks to Netflix
StarzPlay – YouTube – Hulu
2020 has been a washout
I’d never make it without you

copyright © 2020 KPM