mostly, she’s danced alone
without care
lost in other visions
let those unknowing stare

she’d dance in cages
slow spins on top of bars
drunk men threw money at her
coins that flashed like falling stars

hear her singing
as she dances
in the grass, her skin aglow
for the flowers ‘n the clouds
she puts on a private show

chilled wine
on the table
sunbeam’s burning in the sky
she’ll never be too old to dance
because she’s still too young to die

copyright © 2020 KPM

blank slate

good morning
gentle press of lips
he grunts
when she musses his hair
with her fingertips

into the worn
he settles back
as she heads off to
the kitchen
to remedy caffeine’s lack

just another
thankfully the sun is out
for the moment
her mind’s a blank
nuthin’ at all to worry about

copyright © 2020 KPM

a home in Dundee

everyone needs a sanctuary
mine’s a beige ‘n green dome
a place of love ‘n safety
a carefully created home

thoughtfully chosen
was each room’s colour scheme
to be designed around
an intensely personal theme

happy hours spent in Craft World
to make the wreath for my front door
haunting all the local shops
for the right rug for the lounge floor

with the curtains for each room
I went a little overboard
I wanted what I wanted
so the budget got ignored

lamps, cushions, bookcases
bought ‘n paid for with dispatch
bed linens, bath mats, towels
everything a perfect match

my roots are apparent
about that there’s no mystery
family ‘n friends in frames
honour my unique history

this is my home, my refuge
wherein dwell my fish ‘n me
it’s the place I love the most
my little flat in my bonnie Dundee

copyright © 2020 KPM

a home in Dundee

feminist polytheism

bless you, Mother Nature
‘cause you have never let me down
despite the current confusion
your miracles abound

so I thank you, Mother Nature
for the unexpected rain
you healed my sunburned grass
it’s now a green ‘n glorious plain

you’re my hero, Mother Nature
you banish my encroaching gloom
warm smiles you send through sunshine
making all my flowers bloom

I’m so grateful, Mother Nature
for everything that you do
your love made my safe space flourish
without this garden I’d be so blue

how I love you, Mother Nature
your soul is good – it’s pure
you’re one being I can count on
in times dark ‘n unsure

copyright © 2020 KPM

sometimes you gotta laugh (for Lucie)

Lucie’s eyes are luminous
as we dance to Fever the Ghost
the fly on the wall can’t tell
which of us is laughing the most

both our eyes grow serious
as we speak of the state of things
voices pained & indignant
sunlight flashing off earrings

Lucie’s eyes are delighted as
she plays for me a Brazilian song
“do you really like it?
“yes I do” legs dancin’ tanned & strong

both our eyes are shining
sippin’ Sauvignon with dinner
as we jokingly agree
lockdown’s not made us any thinner

Lucie’s eyes are loving
music fills the smoky air
we dance in homage to us
laughing freely, without care

copyright © 2020 KPM


the sun beats down
high above
blackbirds circle round
I wonder why
I don’t feel down
at this incessant quiet

ladybug crawls
across moss-covered cement
lone seagull
makes a daredevil descent
yet my soul
feels no torment
at this continued quiet

in the pond
small bubbles rise
in the trees
a warm wind sighs
at peace
I watch the butterflies
dancing in this quiet

sun-kissed legs
all tanned & browned
eyes closed
thinking thoughts profound
my garden
is now holy ground
where I worship quiet

copyright © 2020 KPM

duvet days

mournful winds
threatening skies of grey
is off the table for today
rain is falling
oh so fine
liquid diamonds dangling
from the clothesline

but it’s okay
if my plans go astray
gonna grab my blanket
give myself a duvet day

to start, a big breakfast
I will cook
feed my face
reading my favourite book
a long hot shower
will make me feel blessed
but I’ll not get
properly dressed

because my plans
have gone astray
gonna treat myself
to pajamas all day

hot chocolate
in my favourite cup
on a wee table
the remotes are all lined up
fuzzy socks on my feet
blanket pulled up to my chin
cushions comfortably arranged
now to cosy in

I’m glad
my plans have gone astray
cause sometimes there’s nothing better
than a duvet day

copyright © 2020 KPM

sprawlin’ on Sunday mornin’

she’s still mostly sleep
when she feels him pull away
tightens her grip on his waist
to force him to stay

the double bed shifts
his feet hit the floor
there’s a soft snick
as he closes the bedroom door

she hugs his pillow
inhales that familiar smell
listens to the winter wind
& the sound of the first church bell

stubborn rays of sun
through closed curtains start to creep
but she’s determined
to go back to sleep

the tempting smell of coffee
wafts through the halls
she squeezes her eyes shut
& sleepily sprawls

there’s nothing she has to
do today
so she lets the next dream
pull her away

copyright © 2018 KPM


she watches the sunrise
through curtains of lace
eager for the new day
reassured of God’s grace

her jeans & t-shirts
hang on the washin’ line
doin’ their dance
in hot August sunshine

though she’s scared
of the beasties that crawl in the dirt
gardenin’ helps her heal
it soothes every hurt

unlocking the red door
each day when she returns home
lovin’ the sound of silence
that comes from bein’ alone

fresh sheets on a new mattress
a waiter smilin’ & snappy
she realizes life is short:
she’s gonna spend hers bein’ happy

copyright © 2017 KPM

somethin’ to smile about

morning sunshine
clematis on the vine
coffee steamin’ hot
spaghetti in a pot

fish swimmin’ in their tank
a walk along the river bank
ironin’ my partner’s shirt
plungin’ my hands deep into dirt

freshly done hair
friends who show they care
knowin’ what comes next
an unexpected text

the poem that takes shape
the spider that didn’t escape
the shoes that went on sale
letters from home in the mail

Saturday mornin’ & Planet Rock
finally findin’ that missin’ sock
a bra that fits just right
Scotland’s luminescent light

in the car – away we go
Bowie on the radio
Sunday evenin’ glass of wine
your hand, always holding mine

copyright © 2017 KPM