tan lines

look at ‘em:
linin’ up outside
the tanning salon
tryin’ to SPRAY
tryin’ to BAKE
my bronze beauty on

I laugh
(instead of cry)
at the hypocrisy of this
cause folks
who look like me
they’d never deign to kiss

listen to ‘em:
“but I got
a black friend”
so will you stand next to me?
will you defend?

I’m so scared
I’m so ANGRY
too many emotions I feel
hearts & lives
are being broken
on racism’s wretched wheel

copyright © 2020 KPM


ain’t never liked any kinda peas
an’ I refuse to eat macaroni & cheese
like to eat whatever
whenever I please
reckon that makes me different

I never wanted kids, even though I like them
like my milk fat – to hell with this skimmed
gimme the darkness
I need all the lights dimmed
suppose that makes me different

I like rap music – the hardness in its flow
I see nuthin’ charmin’ in winter snow
I can be seduced by hard winds that blow
but mess with me once an’ you’re forever my foe
out the door & out my life you go

I’m versatile, speakin’ posh or slang
love bad boys unafraid of the jail door’s clang
forever loyal
to the peeps in my gang
guess that makes me different

happy to give those I love whatever they need
definitely not a follower – I’d rather lead
brutal honesty
has always been my creed
that’s why folks see me as different

don’t give a shit about your station or race
or if your CDs are in order on your bookcase
I’m not bothered by an ugly face
or if your family thinks you’re a disgrace
I prefer people who carve out their own space

the world’s grown dangerous – chaos runs rife
safety is non-existent – no place is free from strife
so I’ll make my own peace
live my own life
don’t think that makes me so different

copyright © 2015 KPM