a Dundee Sunday storm

it was 16:05
when the sun came out
a huge smile crossed her face
she almost gave a shout

her sweet peas had survived
Mother Nature’s latest storm
‘n it smelled like Sunday dinner
inside where she was safe ‘n warm

another day of Skyping
all the people that she loves
cyber hugs ‘n kisses
cell phone’s electronic shoves

how did mankind end up here?
she struggles to understand
the hatred, the dissension
hallmarks of a once proud land

copyright © 2020 KPM

on Sunday it stormed

is that just rain
or are they angels’ tears?
shed by souls who’ve carried burdens
for a number of untold years

always the tears of others
fill her heart with dread
but this wetness feels like blessings
bathing her troubled head

rain or angel tears, they’re cleansing
soapsuds in a washing machine
renewing hope & faith once more
keep that chin up, Nubian queen

copyright © 2020 KPM