wish I may, wish I might

wanna be a tropical fish
in a large luxurious tank
with no worries about payin’ bills
when funds are dwindlin’ in the bank

makes sense to me – I love the water
in this wet world I would play
chasin’ guppies & neons
in jerky circles all day

my owner would be kind
my tank she’d decorate
she’d leave the tank’s light on
til it was very late

every other day I’d dine
on different kinds of food:
Aquarian flakes or micro granules
frozen bloodworms to be pursued

yeah, sounds good to me:
a beautiful fish in a tropical tank
until the alarm clock rings
‘n from this lovely dream I’m yanked

copyright © 2020 KPM

sprawlin’ on Sunday mornin’

she’s still mostly sleep
when she feels him pull away
tightens her grip on his waist
to force him to stay

the double bed shifts
his feet hit the floor
there’s a soft snick
as he closes the bedroom door

she hugs his pillow
inhales that familiar smell
listens to the winter wind
& the sound of the first church bell

stubborn rays of sun
through closed curtains start to creep
but she’s determined
to go back to sleep

the tempting smell of coffee
wafts through the halls
she squeezes her eyes shut
& sleepily sprawls

there’s nothing she has to
do today
so she lets the next dream
pull her away

copyright © 2018 KPM

the colours of my silence

it’s comfortable
dusty black
like my favourite gardening shoes
slipped on
or kicked off
whenever I choose

shot through
with green
blades of grass from my garden
the winter wind
causes each blade to harden

of purple
lavender, Scottish heather
strong, hardy plants

that burns through the night
forever dancing
behind my eyes
when I squeeze them tight

copyright © 2017 KPM


here be dreams

beneath the green shade she lay
mullin’ over the events of yet another day
attuned for Morpheus’ bittersweet lie
as she listens to the seagulls cry

beneath the green shade all is cozy & warm
sandy walls shakin’ with the thunderstorm
once more she waits for Hypnos to tell her why
she finds comfort in the seagulls cry

beneath the green shade she is safe & at peace
sure that her happiness will only increase
the Oneiroi will appear by & by
echoin’ the seagulls’ cry

copyright © 2014 KPM

here be dreams


it’s a given
that sometime during sleep
nightmarish visions
into her psyche will creep
mindlessly she’ll weep
            she’ll beg
fighting against
the cramp in her leg
but she knows
he’ll stroke her arm
pat her bended knee
she knows his touch will end
the demons’ psychotic spree

it’s a given
that between 3 and 4
when REM sleep kicks in
he will start to snore
unconsciously he mutters
            groans ‘n stutters
awakening suddenly
destination loo
and he knows
once he’s returned
to the now-straightened bed
she’ll wrap herself around him
and plant a kiss on the back of his head

copyright © 2014 KPM


in the arms of darkness

there’s a darkness in her mind
a darkness in her soul
then there’s that friendly darkness
that makes her heart feel whole

when he turns off the beside lamp
wrappin’ her in darkness black
climbs in bed beside her
an’ curls against her back

in darkness warm he holds her
her hand rests on his thigh
she dreams in the arms of darkness
his gentle snores her lullaby

copyright © 2014 KPM

in arms of darkness

as my lover sleeps

last night I dreamt I kissed you
as you lay sleeping by my side
your face reflecting moonlight blue
as into dreams I watched you slide
gentle was the kiss I planted
on your scented silky hair
by your soul I was enchanted
and I said a silent prayer
that your affection I would keep
in my life you would remain
and I should finally cease to weep
joy I would not have to feign

all this I dreamt as I lay against your back
revelling in your arms and the darkness black

copyright © 2014 KPM

asmyloversleeps pic