please observe the speed limit

these days
all her thoughts
are runaway trains
nightmarish plains

reflections speeding
with a will
of their own
stopping at stations
largely unknown

the engine
struggles to pull
numerous cars
with uncounted scars

a locomotive
down a dull track
unable to reverse
no way to turn back

copyright © 2020 KPM


standin’ in my garden
all by myself I stand
tryin’ not to fret
over events in a faraway land

wanderin’ in my garden
just walkin’ to ‘n fro
wonderin’ when mankind
will evolve ‘n grow

strollin’ round my garden
dead rose petals on the path
wonderin’ if current events
are a sign of my Lord’s wrath

just pacin’ in my garden
in a chilly evening sun
musin’ on the return of love
‘n the day racism is over ‘n done

all alone in my garden
on the cement wall I sit
how ‘n why has all this happened –
when did everything turn to shit?

copyright © 2020 KPM

here be dreams

beneath the green shade she lay
mullin’ over the events of yet another day
attuned for Morpheus’ bittersweet lie
as she listens to the seagulls cry

beneath the green shade all is cozy & warm
sandy walls shakin’ with the thunderstorm
once more she waits for Hypnos to tell her why
she finds comfort in the seagulls cry

beneath the green shade she is safe & at peace
sure that her happiness will only increase
the Oneiroi will appear by & by
echoin’ the seagulls’ cry

copyright © 2014 KPM

here be dreams